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Why Our Essences Are Better Bach Flowers

Have you ever wanted better Bach Flowers?   So, when I first started using them, I felt the same way.  Therefore, I tweaked my remedies a little to make them even better.  I’m never quite sure how to answer when people ask…  Are these Bach Flowers?  They are…   But they are NOT.  In short, there are a number things that make the Blessed Flower Essences™ product line unique.  But, here we will talk about the 3 biggest differences:

  1. Ours Use Multiple Potencies  – These Are Known Multi-Chords or Multi-Chord Remedies
  2. Ours Are Made Using Modern Technology
  3. We’ve Added a Cellular Carrier


Reason 1 Better Bach Flowers…

The Power of the Multi-Chord Remedy

The Blessed Flower Essences are multi-chord remedies. To clarify, this means they contain multiple potencies.  Each working at separate frequencies.  As a result, it makes them far more powerful then other Bach Flower Essences you will find on the market.  To illustrate, as a negative frequency has begun to be neutralized it will begin to change the frequency.  Think of it as a wave that is being weighted down when resistance has been added.  It creates a drag to the wave.  That wave has now changed.  In other words, it is oscillating at a new frequency.  By using a Multi-Chord it helps to “catch” those new frequencies.  This helps stop them (emotions, attitudes, physical symptoms etc.) much more effectively and completely.

8 Potencies Each Target Acute & Chronic

Generally V, X or C potencies are used for acute issues. These are generally from a current situation and are usually quite dramatic.  The acute situation can be physical or emotional. Many times at this level they are good for the sake of detoxifying the cells and organs of toxins or emotional traumas.  You could think of these as any hot situation, severe, sudden emotional outbreak, physical injury or sudden illness etc. Acute potencies are also good when trying to target surface areas like for topical applications.

Higher potencies like in an M, MM, or LM range are usually chronic.  They can also be deep seated, buried, or repressed. When it is for a more physical nature or long term illness, the Chronic Multi-Chord should be considered.  It would be indicated for ridding stored miasmic energies.  To clarify, miasms are energetic flaws or pathological frequencies passed through DNA down from ancestors.

My powerful combination remedies, commonly refereed to as “Blends”, but also known as practical application bouquets, target both Acute and Chronic levels.  These all contain 16 potencies of each flower essence. Most of my blended flower remedies have 7 flower essences.

Reason 2 Better Bach Flowers…

Use of Modern Bioenergetic Technology

Image of Bioenergetic DeviceWe energetically imprint the essences using modern frequency generating equipment. Dr Nofziger’s energetic library is managed by an Avatar.  She uses a Wave-Runner to imprint the remedies.

Advantages of Modern Technology:

• Allowing us to make powerful customized remedy combinations – These are known as ‘bouquets”.  The Bach Rescue Remedy is the most popular bouquet or flower remedy combination. People can spend a lot of money to see a Bach Flower Practitioner to develop custom Bach Flower Bouquets.

• Making very high potencies possible. This means we can create complex multi-chords which allows for a more complete emotional healing.

• It eliminates the risk of the flower essences getting contaminated with harmful chemicals – so there are no pesticides or herbicides used by the nurseries.

• This method also allows for controlled double blind studies since imprinting can be done on commercial unopened water. Dr Nofziger, ND has been designing such a study on behavioral improvements in ADD / ADHD & Autism.

• It allows us to collect and study any essence we want. Have a flower, weed or tree right out of your backyard that speaks to you? – One that makes your spirit light up when you look at it or smell it? It is possible to make a Blessed Flower Essence out of it.

Reason 3 Better Bach Flowers…

Cellfood: A Powerful Cellular Carrier

This Cellular Supplement with Oxygen, Trace Minerals, Plant Based Amino Acids, Enzymes & Electrolytes Drastically Boosts My Remedies!

All of my energetic remedies contain the trace ionic mineral and oxygen supplement, cellfood.  It helps provide the trace minerals essential to bring the flower essence to each cell.  Also, the extra oxygen helps to preserve the essences. We believe cellfood boosts the effectiveness of our products as well as keeps them pure.

CELLFOOD Liquid Concentrate is a proprietary oxygen, ionic trace mineral, and nutrient supplement. It cleanses, detoxifies and helps to rebuild your cells. This Cellular Liquid Supplement Contains…

78 ionic trace minerals
34 metabolic enzymes
17 amino acids
dissolved oxygen
a unique water-splitting technology

It provides an unsurpassed oxygen and nutrient delivery system, which is absorbed quickly and efficiently by all the cells in your body.  Cellfood’s unique structure oxygenates and feeds at the cellular level – cleansing and renewing the body’s systems throughout the day.  In short, it is made from all-natural plant substances, and is yeast-free and gluten-free.

CellFood Liquid Supplement

CellFood naturally provides the highest levels of oxygen & hydrogen to the body. Thereby, helping to support overall improved endurance, energy, natural health, & wellbeing. CellFood nourishes & supports those with health challenges, healthy people and even those in superior athletic condition. This supplement really is for everyone!


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Bach's Own Words...

Let not the simplicity of this method deter you from its use, for you will find that the farther your researches advance, the greater you will realize the simplicity of all creation"

~ Dr Edward Bach ~

Bach's Own Words...

...And May I Always Have Gratitude in My Heart For the Great Creator in All of His Glory Who Has Placed the Herbs in the Fields For Our Healing."

~ Dr Edward Bach ~

Bach's Own Words...

"They are able, like beautiful music or any glorious uplifting thing that gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures to bring us nearer to our Souls, and by that very act bring us peace and relieve our sufferings."

~ Dr Edward Bach ~

Bach's Own Words...

"They cure not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our higher nature, in the presence of which disease melts away as snow in the sunshine. There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness."

~ Dr Edward Bach ~

Bach's Own Words...

"The actions of certain flowers, shrubs, and trees that grow in the wild raise our vibrations and open our channels for the reception of the Spiritual Self to flood our natures with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us the fault that is causing the harm"

~ Dr Edward Bach ~

Bach's Own Words...

"They cure not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our higher nature, in the presence of which disease melts away as snow in the sunshine. There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness."

~ Dr Edward Bach ~

About Dr. Darla Nofziger, ND

Her strong passion (AKA Aspie Obsession) for Bach's Remedies began while attending a clinical practitioners course call Practicum.  It was one of the course modules required to earn her Certified Natural Health Professional.  At the time, she didn't feel this small amount of training of the Bach remedies adequately prepared her for working with clients.  So she decided to use muscle testing to work up the remedies.  But, as the remedies came up she studied whatever came up thoroughly.  It was not long before she had an intimate knowledge of each flower essence.  Further, that she had a real life situational example of what each one looked like in the real world.  Plus it quickly became a client favorite.  Especially working with new clients.  She could quickly tell people she had never met before, their greatest emotional hangups & personality traits based on what came up.  To this day, it is still one of her favorite ways to work.

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