I Recently Became a Nature’s Sunshine Products Representative… Here’s Why


natures sunshine products representative

My recent epiphany about becoming Nature’s Sunshine Products Representative begins with being so frustrated, if not completely fed up, with my other manufacturers!  It has always been extremely important to me to offer the highest quality & efficacy at a reasonable price.  If an individual product or a product line doesn’t meet those standards, I don’t want to fool with them.

Can I share a little secret with you…?  Over the last few years, I’ve had every single one of my top supplement manufacturers make drastic changes in their lines.  To the extent of making some of them unusable and or unsaleable or both.  I have sold some of their products for almost 15 years!

I’ve had some change their packaging that created problems shipping overseas.  I’ve had products get reformulated using inferior materials.  One that was no longer Gluten Free without any notice?  WTH – I wouldn’t have even bought it!

I’ve had some favorites get discontinued completely.  I’m telling you when you find really good stuff then to have it pulled off the market, it is very frustrating.

I’ve had some manufacturers make marketing or policy changes that required me to update pictures, pricing or other pain in the butt tasks on my site(s).  Several stopped me from selling on eBay, Amazon or other 3rd Party sites.  Of course, some of those were generating a good portion of my sales.  In nutshell, these vendors I had aligned myself with were totally screwing with my business!

Turning Back to Nature’s Sunshine Products

Honestly, I’ve been doing a little soul-searching ever since.  Trying to decide if I should even stock any supplements anymore.  I’m not really sure it is an option to be a Naturopath and not offer supplements.  This would leave visitors, clients, & students of mine frustrated when I tell them what they “should be taking” but don’t actually have any to offer!

Here was my turning point…  Over the past year, I’ve now had 3 clear signs that led me back to becoming a Nature’s Sunshine Products Representative.  I’ve always known that NSP is of the highest quality.  That aspect I’ve never doubted.

Following the Signs to Representing NSP

The first sign came when a “practitioner only” line that focuses on digestion couldn’t deliver as good of results on several comparable cleanses.  When I still had my naturopathic clinic, that specialized in digestive health, we sold a lot of cleansing products.  Nature’s Sunshine Products are the benchmark for comparing cleanses for me.

The second NSP sign came when not long after getting off of a ketogenic diet, I started having signs of severe demineralization.  My hair & nails were breaking, splitting & thinning.  These have been progressively deteriorating in spite of taking a Hair, Skin & Nail formula by one of my top but very expensive supplement lines.  Several times over the last 6 months I have been reminded of one of my favorite NSP supplements; Skeletal Strength.

The third sign came when I was working on a pH training package.  I had to source some supplements that I would need.  I looked into the primary supplier of the specific calcium I had used in the past for balancing the pH.  They no longer offered the supplements I was looking for & had good past success – Gee imagine that!  So they referred me to another vendor who had supplied their line.

Why Are Quality Supplements So Hard to Find?

This had me so frustrated that my brain was spinning out of control.  I really wanted to chuck it all!  Those thoughts racing…  “I mean perhaps I should just stay in my lane & only sell my essences.  Ok Darla, pull it together…  You can be pitiful or powerful which is it gonna be?!?  Well, what else did you have good success in balancing the pH?!”

Quality Whole Food Supplements

That’s when I again, remembered Skeletal Strength as being another of my top pH favorites especially for those in the Joint & Muscle pattern.  Since it was my most familiar product of NSP, I looked it up.  Even though it had been about 5-7 years since I had used this product, it was the same.  I looked up a few other oldies but goodies.  They were all just as I had remembered them with an amazing expanded product line.

I mean even when my girls first took another vendor’s chlorophyll they inform me… “It doesn’t taste quite as good as the old one”.  Well, guess whose “old one” they were referring to?  NSP of course!  Silver & Chlorophyll is our families’ standard go to for any cold, flu or infection of any kind.

Making Money Being a Nature’s Sunshine Products Representative

I was first introduced to NSP’s wholesale discount business opportunity back in about 2007.  My affiliation was short-lived back then.  Why?  Because I let a hand full of business colleagues & mentors convince me MY CLIENTS would only buy professional practitioner only supplement lines.  They said clients would value exclusivity over price or quality.  For whatever reason, I let others tell me about MY CLIENTS!

Plus, at that time I was evaluating another multi-level marketing company that sold customized genetic nutrition.  That other company only sold 2 or 3 products.   Their primary product was also very high quality but very expensive!  However, it did have the “exclusive” factor in spades.  I couldn’t really serve two masters so I chose that other company to represent years ago.

That was about the time of the collapse of the US economy and the housing market.  In retrospect, I would probably have fared much better if I had stuck with Nature’s Sunshine Products.  At that time people wanted high quality at a discount – They still do.  That “other” company has been sold, restructured, changed their entire business model a couple of times since then.

In summary here’s what I learned from all that…  First, nothing beats quality in the marketplace.  Second, being reliable & dependable tend to bring people back around.  Third, don’t let the naysayers steal your dreams!


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As much as I’ve grown to trust the quality & care of Nature’s Sunshine Products, I cannot possibly stock their entire line.  If you love the quality of the NSP Line as much as I do, I’d shop direct and get a complimentary 1-year membership with a $40 purchase.  Members can save up to 40%+. Shop online at http://www.naturessunshine.com or call 1-800-223-8225. Tell them I sent you… Dr. Darla Nofziger, ND (Essences of Health) Member #60671002.


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