What Is Bioenergetic Healing?


Bioenergetic healing or “energy medicine” as some call it, is a generalized term that incorporates any biophysical aspects of bodily function.  This includes all modalities that introduce a frequency, vibration or wave into the body for the sake of balancing, harmonizing, resonating or healing some kind of dysfunction.  Some very common modalities used in this category include things such as:

AcupunctureAcupressureVibrational Healing
Color TherapyLight TherapySound Therapy
HomeopathyBach FlowersRain-drop Therapy
ReikiQigongTai Chi / Taiqi
ReflexologyIonic CleansingChakra Treatments
Light Touch TherapyFrequency GeneratorsRife Machines
NLP or brainwave entrainmentEnergetic Corrections like (NAET, BioSet, BRT, BIRT, EFT etc.) Applied Kinesiology


This is by no means an entire listing of the healing tools in the bioenergetic arena.  As you can see, some of these modalities have been used for thousands of years.

Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum mechanics cannot possibly have understood it! Niels Bohr – Danish Physicist

So What is So Important about Bioenergetics Anyway?…

Everything emits an energetic frequency; good, bad or indifferent.  Healthy cells, tissues and even positive emotions will vibrate at their highest optimum frequency.  Whether a cell is vibrating at a frequency of health or a frequency of disorder, it will replicate at that frequency.  In other words, it will perpetuate health or dysfunction.

In the 1970’s Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, Biophysist, discovered that every chemical reaction in the body had a preceding energetic (biophotonic) message.  By this, concluding, that these energetic messages direct all chemical reactions in the body.

I whole heartedly believe in approaching health & wellbeing using both sides of the healing coin – Meaning not only focusing on Biochemical aspects of  nutrition and detox, but also the biophysical aspects of the body.  Having either of these areas lacking can greatly effect our over all health & wellbeing.

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