Flower Remedies

Why Flower Essences?

I personally believe flower remedies (or essences) are the absolute best when it comes to supporting your emotional, mental, personality or behavior needs! Bach flowers and other flower remedies are holistic, homeopathic, natural remedies to improve your overall well being & quality of life.

They can improve attitudes, change stubborn belief systems or mindsets, minimize personality disorders or character flaws, and lift the spirit. I believe My Blessed Flower Essences’ Line is the best that Alternative, Complementary, Vibrational Medicine, and Natural Health have to offer. Discover all the ways they could improve your life and try them for yourself! Because as this video will inspire you… “You Can Get Over Your ‘Lil Feelings!” Browse the essences that will help you take your stand.

Getting Started

So many people have had a friend or family member recommend they try my flower remedies.  The problem is they don’t know where to start with their flower essence therapy.  Here’s how I would get started if I didn’t know how…  Start by picking your primary daytime remedy.  My personal favorite daytime remedy is Professional.  Other good ones would be Student, or Alert.  You could even choose to go with Peace if you just want to stay zen all day.  Who wouldn’t

There are other blends that I think every single family needs to have on hand.  These would be All Better for when someone gets sick.  Fatigue just because there are those days.  Anger, Anxiety, Grief (& or Depression) just because you will have those times when bad news or betrayals come!  We also love Family Bliss for chore day or other family events where people just don’t wanna.  Point is Life brings drama!  You need to be prepared to have some remedies on hand for when they do.

Taking Flower Remedies

My flower remedies are virtuous in every way. Therefore, they have the potential of improving attitudes, emotions, mindsets, & lifting the spirit. You cannot overdose on flower essence remedies… But you can under-dose (or not take the proper matches!  Therefore, my preferred way to use these tasteless energetic flower remedies is simple… Just follow steps 1, 2, 3…

  1. Drip a drop or 2 of the flower remedy or 2 in water or other drink (of any sized container)
  2. Next activate the flower essences by tapping, stirring or shaking (this is known as succussing in homeopathy)
  3. Lastly hydrate & drink the water (or other beverage) as you normally would all throughout the day

You can also take the flower essence remedies straight from their bottle several times a day.  Just ensure the dropper keeps from touching your fingers or tongue.  It is not my favorite way of taking them.  Remedies can raise your vibrations when there present, so why should you limit them a few times a day.  Therefore, I say… just keep them it in whatever you are drinking anyway!  Remember you want to keep vibrating healthy & happy!

Also, flower remedies can be added to herbal teas, juices, smoothies, as well as liquid supplements or any other nutritional or healthy beverage.  I’ve even been known to slip them into soup when my kids or husband gets sick!  The flower essences will drastically boost whatever their healing ability too. Try adding to your favorite skin or hair care products & using topically. The body maps which are powerful topical treatments are especially amazing for this.


My Top Selling Multi-Flower Remedies.  1 For Everything!


Bach’s Flowers: How the Flower Essence Magic Started!


Healing From Your Backyard – My Exclusive Remedies!


Have Your Favorites?  Why Not Make Your Own Blend?

Body Maps

Topical Therapy for Head to Toe Healing to Specific Areas!

Flower Therapy

Get The Help You Need With Your Flower Therapy & Get a Custom Remedy!

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