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My love of Cell Salts began while working towards my doctorate. One of my textbooks on muscle testing had a small chapter on cell salt therapy. So I bought a cell salt kit and started learning about them through EXPERIENCE. This is my FAVORITE way to learn everything! To clarify, I have been using and recommending cell tissue salts ever since. As a result, I’ve been a big fan for about a dozen years or more!

In my experience, cell tissue salts are impressively effective. However, if you are symptomatic it may also be a good idea to consider a good mineral supplement. But you may be tempted to just take a mineral supplement. But, this could be a pitfall & here’s why… Nutritional deficiencies can for sure be from a lack of minerals present. But they can also be a breakdown on the informational energetic side of things. In other words, they could prevent their absorption, assimilation or use. Therefore, I’m always a fan of supporting both aspects of the body when you can. In other words, I like to bring in both the minerals & the healing information through remedies.

Cell Tissue Salt History

Here is a little background history of how Cell Salt Therapy came about. So in 1873, Dr. Wilhelm Schussler, a German Homeopathic Doctor, made an important biochemical discovery. Above all, he studied the potash of cremated bodies. In other words, he discovered the mineral makeup of the human remains once reduced to ashes. For instance, his research showed that there are 12 cell or tissue salts that make up the bulk of the human body. So his research showed & I agree, these main 12 cell salts are necessary to keep healthy.

In conclusion, the older I get the more I am personally being blessed by these remedies. Therefore, for the first time, I’m releasing this Blessed Cell Salt line to the public. Lastly, I hope you come to enjoy these cell tissue salts as much as I do!


My Oldest, Most Popular & Trusted Line of Remedies!


Harness the Amazing Energy of Gem Crystals & Shine On!


When You Need Help Taming Instincts & the Beast Within!

Cell Salts

Helping You Assimilate All the Minerals of Human Body!


Head to Toe Targeted Healing to Specific Areas!


Helping to Cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit!

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