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Tame or Develop Your Primal Instincts with Animal Essences

Nothing helps redevelop your primal instincts or your default reactions better than these Animal Essences.  The more self-aware I became, mainly through the use of the Flower Essences & Gem Essences that came before them, the more I realize I didn’t like some of my basic primal instincts.

We all have lives we live of default.  Our natural positions, attitude & mindsets.  You know, our slanted views or our general take on things.  Put another way…, Are we a glass is a half empty or half-full kind of people?  These are our basic primary or primal instincts.  Those basic instincts are the part of us that just flies around on automatic pilot – Especially when we are stressed, challenged, in some kind of need or whatever.

I have found these Animal Essences help improve the area of these primal basic instincts best.  Like all other essences, they help raise your personal vibrations to restore health & harmony.  Soon I will post more information on exactly how my animal essences are made.  But for now, know…  The animals are NOT hurt, captured, used or abused in any way to make these multi-chord remedies.  They are vegan as they are solely energetic in nature.  They contain no animal parts.  I Sincerely hope you enjoy this Animal Essence Line of essences too!


My Oldest, Most Popular & Trusted Line of Remedies!


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When You Need Help Taming Instincts & the Beast Within!

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Helping You Assimilate All the Minerals of Human Body!


Head to Toe Targeted Healing to Specific Areas!


Helping to Cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit!

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