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These Remedies Are the Best Way to Increase Your Personal Vibrations! Wish You Had a Switch to Shut Off Emotions? My Remedies Can Help to Correct Physical Afflictions, Negative Emotions, Attitudes, Mental Conditions, Mind Sets, Personalities, & Psychology. Browse My Entire Remedy Line. Explore My Most Popular Line… Blessed Flower Essences. Or My Specialty Remedies… Gem Crystal Elixirs, Animal Essences, Biochemic Cell Salts & More. Find Your Best Remedy Today!

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Why Vibrational Remedies?

Making & studying these vibrational remedies have become a top passion over the last dozen years or so for a reason.  Above all, they help provide a grace, a special flow, an anointing or ease through life like nothing else I’ve come across!  As a Naturopath, there isn’t much that I haven’t tried out.  However, few things work as gently, safely but effectively for our family as well as my vibrational energetic remedies.

Oh, the things I’ve seen & personally experienced. They can be utterly amazing.  I could fill a book with healing stories… Or really that is going to be this blog.  But, I have been using these energetic remedies daily, consistently for a decade now.  I am constantly studying new ones & documenting their positive virtuous healing potentials. But Most importantly, I’ve seen corrections of pathological mindsets, attitudes & character flaws time & time again.

All of my essences are vibrational in nature.  In other words, they are homeopathic or purely energetic remedies. Therefore, they can be the catalyst to your renewed health.  Put another way, energetic vibrational remedies can be the driving force to instruct the body to heal.