Spicy Keto Sausage Balls… a Tailgating Crowd Pleaser!

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The year or more, we were eating totally ketogenic, this recipe for spicy keto sausage balls was my absolute go to for anything that required   breadcrumbs.  I would make meatloaf & meatballs with it.  Also, it makes the best stuffed mushrooms!  To clarify, those stuffed mushrooms were better than any wheat version I ever made.

As a result of these spicy keto sausage balls, I was even able to make the only successful gluten free version of a family favorite… my stuffed artichokes.  Every other attempt I have ever made at this dish gluten free totally missed the mark.  That’s because I have never been able to find gluten free breadcrumbs.  Or at least ones that don’t make everything a weird gelatinous mess!  My stuffed artichokes appetizer is part of our Family’s Christmas Eve Tradition.  We have a complete Italian feast in honor of my Maternal Grandmother Lilian.  It was her stuffed artichoke recipe.  I still use the spicy keto sausage balls to make them gluten free.

Lastly, this spicy keto sausage ball recipe makes a great grab & go breakfast.  Especially if you also have a hard boiled egg or two to go with it.

My Ranking
Spicy Keto Sausage Balls… a Tailgating Crowd Pleaser!
Final Thoughts
I still love that this recipe is gluten free! I also love that It is loaded with fiber! I think I'd like to try out some skinnier versions now that I'm low carb & low calorie. Modifications to try... perhaps reduced fat sausage, cutting an egg, omitting the butter altogether.
Extremely Low Carb
High Fiber
Higher in Calories
High Fat
Processed Meat

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