Bioenergetic Man

Bioenergetic Man

Did you know you have 2 distinct aspects that govern your body?  I wholeheartedly believe in supporting & nourishing these 2 aspects of the human body…  The Biochemical Man & the Bioenergetic Man.  Most people make at least some kind of attempt at supporting their chemical makeup.  In other words, they “try to eat right” & get some kind of nutrition.  However, few understand the importance of restoring, supporting & nourishing their energetic bodies.

If we were to compare building your body as building a house…  The BioEnergetic aspect would be the work orders & blueprints.  That is to say, the instructions for the workers.  Firstly, what materials are needed.  Secondly, when it is to be delivered.  Most Importantly, it lays out the “how and why”.  In other words, what the overall project should look like.

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