Probiotics Round Up Your Friendly Bacteria Posse

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lactobacilli probiotic beneficial bacteriaYour friendly bacteria, beneficial microbes,  probiotics, or microbiome or whatever you want to call them are truly the body’s unsung heroes!  For example, Did you know probiotics make important B vitamins & vitamin K?  Firstly, these B vitamins play vital parts in neurological & immune health.  Secondly, vitamin K helps control your body’s blood clotting ability.  Therefore, that makes them important to your cardiovascular health.

Did you know you probably have about 10 times more microbes in your body than you have actual human cells?  Therefore, every track in your body, from one end to the other has billions if not trillions of friendly bacteria & microbes!  This includes your digestive, urinary, & genital tracts – You even have them in your ears!  I’m sorry – Did I make some germaphobe’s brain cave in?  But personally, I think that is pretty amazing!

Probiotics to Cleanse & Detox

Probiotics do something kind of cool.  They actually eat your metabolic wastes and turn them into nutrients!  Therefore, probiotic strains play an important part cleaning up toxins & acids.  How freaking awesome is that?!  I LOVE that… talk about intelligent design – God made us with our very own recycling stations built right in.

Plus, probiotics play a vital role in mood management & emotional health.  In fact, probiotics and activated charcoal are usually my top supplement aids to those with chronic & extreme emotions.  Whereas Flower Essences and Crystal Elixirs would be my top remedies.

Also, Did you know that you have parasites?  Yes… 100% of people have parasites!  I know I just ruffled feathers.  Also, I probably shifted some paradigms in thinking.  I’m sure like me you find that a little troubling – But it’s true and here is PROOF from the CDC’s own website…  Follow this link if you don’t believe me.

But here’s a screenshot…

probiotics vs parasites


Once you accept the fact that you have parasites (pathogenic strains of microbes) you start asking different questions.  So you’ll start wondering things like which strains do I have, how many and how much damage are they doing?

Probiotic versus pathogenic strains

Probiotics should be one of your best tools for helping you turn the tide in your microbial warfare.  Because let’s face it, your body is waging war.  Forces of good & evil are battling it out right now in your body.

Here are probiotics from my favorite supplement lines.  Soon I’ll be posting my instructions on how to culture your own butter… UM – YUM!  You can use any of these products to ferment & culture your own probiotic foods.

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