I’d like to be completely honest here & share with you my personal journey.  As a Naturopath & Energetic Healer, the world would tell me I need to tout all my accomplishments here.  Further, I should establish myself as an expert, savant, or guru.  That I should use & define all the numerous letters after my name to impress you.   Yeah… Blah… Blah…  However, I personally believe most folks don’t give a flip about all that.

What my clients seem to mostly care about is…  Do I know (and believe) their struggles & symptoms?  Can I relate to them?  Also, do I have real solutions to their many problems?  Plus, can I teach them why they are experiencing their physical, emotional or spiritual afflictions in ways they can understand?  Together, can we develop an effective plan for addressing & overcoming them?  Really they care about…  Can you help me or us?

What is a Naturopath & Energetic Healer Anyway?!

There aren’t really the words to describe who I am & all that I do.  I’ve been called Many things in my life…  Christian, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Doctor, Teacher, Traditional Naturopath, Energetic Healer, Bioenergetic Physiologist, Investor, Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Kinesiologist, Modality Developer, Accountant, Researcher, Consultant, Problem Solver & Fixer, Colon Hydrotherapist, DAN Trained Clinician, Financial Analyst, Operations Manager, Marketing Director, Gluten Free Chef, Essence Manufacturer, Hippy, Flower Child, Tree Hugger.  However, my most recent nickname given to me by a client, which is perhaps my all-time favorite… “Baby Whisperer”.

I understand it isn’t normal to look like a deer in headlights, but seriously, I cringe when I am asked… “and what do you do?” at parties or social gatherings.  Partly due to the fact that I am an Executive level, key employee and help run several companies each wearing many hats.  Partly because my interests are numerous and diverse.  But mainly because,  I’ve been called a “Witch” too many times to count.  For years my immediate family lovingly referred to Muscle Testing, BIRT and other energetic medicine as “The Voodoo You Do So Well”.

The Narrow Path Can Be a Lonely One

I’ve been judged by many, shunned by some & downright accused by a few of practicing black magic or the occult.  Especially by those who claim to be Christians, yet most who did so didn’t attend church or read their Bibles but I digress!  This has created much sadness, uncertainty & solitude in my life.  Mainly because I surrendered my life to Christ as an adult and was born-again, but also because I am a recovering perfectionist.

In my early 40s I finally accepted I am an “Aspie-Girl” (Asperger’s Syndrome).  I’ve always felt I was not quite like everyone else.   As I’ve already eluded to, I didn’t fit in with the typical touchy-feely, “woke” new-ager types because of my devout faith.  But I haven’t exactly felt accepted by the “saved” either.

Believe me, I keep praying, meditating, & soul searching and have for eons by “What Powers I am Able to Do These Things…”, is it evil, is it a spiritual affliction, demonic oppression or possession, the occult, hocus pocus, wizardry…  Maybe I am a witch.  Or as my husband and I often joke about my “special brand of crazy”.

Every time I ponder such things I am reminded of Jesus’ words to the Scribes & Pharisees reading their thoughts of accusations against him in Luke 11:17…

“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against itself falleth.  If Satan also be divided against himself how shall his kingdom stand?  Because you say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub.” 

Which Witch Are You… A Good or Bad Witch

For years I let the fear, insecurity, judgment, ridicule & shame from others, prevent me from sharing my gifts.  But the real irony of it is that most of my spooky witchy ways come directly from the abundant anointing and years of honing of the spiritual gifts the Lord has bestowed upon me… Like Prophesy, Transcendent Meditation, Interpretation,  Discernment, ESP, Recognizing & Clearing Spirits, Healing the Sick, Restoring the Afflicted, the Ability to Correct or Neutralize any Energetic Disruption, Inquisitiveness, Seeker of Truth, Verbal Clinical Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) and an Empathic Sensitive.

Therefore, I lean not to my worldly education, instruction, and study but the divine wisdom of God.  Almost everything I have ever learned worth knowing I learned through my relationship with him.  I know many of the secrets of abundant health and virtuous living, I teach on are principals directly from the living Word of God (The Holy Bible).

Call Me… Virtuous Living Coach

I now really just think of myself as a Virtuous Living Coach.  It seems to be the only thing that incorporates my life’s guiding principals.  In all things, I am seeking, striving for and hashing out the most effective, optimal or healthful ways of doing things or being.  It is my life’s mission to help me, my family & others better their lives.

In a nutshell, puns (always intended :-), like all of God’s creatures, any label you try to give me will only be a fraction of my potential.  It will leave you with a very myopic view of all that I do and capable of.  Yes, I am a nutritionist, energetic healer, I manufacture essences and many other things.  Heck, I am even a licensed real estate agent in GA.  I am, have been, and will be called many things in my life but what my family, friends, clients, customers, and followers say about me… Well, that will be my legacy.

My Personal Journey’s Mission Statement

To Walk as Jesus Did… Using My Resources, Gifts & Skills to Teach & Alleviate Physical, Mental & Emotional Afflictions of the World!

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