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Work with Me Remotely!

I’m So Glad You Are Interested in Exploring My Life Coaching & Naturopathic Services.  Below You Can Browse My Services Available World-Wide.  These Are Services Which Can Be Done Remotely.  Here Are the Things You May Want to Know to Book Your Service.  Hopefully You’ll Want to Connect & It Will Be the Beginning of a Beautiful Journey!

Dr Darla Nofziger, ND

Dr Darla Nofziger, ND

Naturopath & Life Coach

A little background info about me… For more than 30 years now, I’ve studied & worked in healthcare. I’ve been an Essence Practitioner, Traditional Naturopath, Clinical Kinesiologist (Muscle Tester) & Virtuous Life Coach for the last 15 years.  Some years ago I sold my thriving naturopathic practice in Metro Atlanta to focus on bio-energetic research & developing my essences & healing modalities full time. I’m the developer of the Blessed Essences Lines… Flowers, Gems, Animal, Topical, & Aura Essences.  These are popular vibrational multi-chord remedies.  Recently I’ve felt called to start taking on clients again in a bigger way.  I’m looking forward to our journey together!

You Choose How We Meet-Up

By Phone (Most Popular) or Online. But Online, I’m Available by Zoom, Skype or Webinar.

How We Work Together

We Can Work by Clinical Assessment, Muscle Testing, or a Combination of Both. The Last is the Most Common.

What's Included

Remedy Consults Come With 1 Custom Remedy & a Custom Report. Additional Remedies Will be Billed at $15 Each.

Prepay to Book

Appointments Need to Be Prepaid. I’m Very Saddened that I’ve Had to Implement this Policy!

Other Important Policies

Appointments That Go Long May Be Billed. Time credits can be refunded or applied to future consults. I’m Usually Booked Up 2 – 3 Days in Advanced. Please Choose 3 Day / Time Slots a Minimum of 2 Days Out. Please Give Me 24 Hour Notice For Changes to Appointments. My Minimum Time Slot is 30 Minutes. Mostly For Muscle Testing Sessions. Clinical Assessments Generally Need More Time. Initial Consults Usually Take At Least An Hour. If We Are Working Up Multiple People or Remedies More Time is Needed. Details on Product Pages.