Most Needed Supplements For Everyone to Take

Most Needed Supplements – The Ones EVERYONE Should Take!

Most Needed Supplements For Health

Many people need direction about which are the most needed supplements to take for the healthiest lifestyle.  Therefore, they get overwhelmed by all their choices.  Plus, many people wait until they’ve lost their health to question if they have any nutritional gaps.  Only then, will they start asking what are the most needed supplements to take.  At that point, they are playing catchup.  It is easier to maintain good health than it is to recover it!  To sum it all up… Don’t take your health for granted!

As a Virtuous Living Coach, I want you to live your best possible life!  Not merely have a lack of sickness or disease.  Therefore, I want you to have an abundance of energy, sleep well, have healthy sex drives, live calm stable lives, make good decisions, show up to work with your A-Game.  Yes, I want all that for you and more!  Question is…  Do you want it?!  Perhaps you don’t want it enough.  Many people don’t.

Supplementation…  Could It Be Your Fountain of Youth?

Fountain of YouthI have been studying the markers & makings of optimal health for more than 20+ years now.  As a result, here are what I consider the most needed or important supplements.  When taken consistently, they can maintain & preserve a virtuously healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional & biological sciences have taught me that it is possible for cells to live forever.  At least if some conditions are met (in theory anyway).  First, cells need to be properly & perfectly nourished.  Second, its wastes need to be fully eliminated.  In other words, there needs to be a flow of nutrients in & wastes out of the cell.  Third, it needs energy flowing for powering its perfect little engine.  Resulting in everlasting life… That is pretty freaking amazing if you think about it!

Now I’m not saying if I take these supplements I’ll live forever.  However, these are the best supplements for meeting all the needs of my body.  I figure that has got to give me my best shot at lasting & optimal health!

Most Needed Supplements For Excellent Health

Most people are not getting the nutrition they need from their diet.  Plus, unless their digestive systems are healthy, it won’t be able to get proper nourishment anyway.  therefore, they will need these in the form of supplementation.  Most of the time the first 3 cannot be avoided.  Here is my list of the most important supplements to take and why.  Most importantly, I have put them in order of their importance.

Most Needed Supplement… #1 Alkalizing Minerals

Alkalizing SupplementsChronic acidity is the greatest and most common enemy our body faces.  For example, it corrodes & breaks down every tissue in the body.  Too much acidity in our bodies will prevent it from being able to absorb and utilize our greatest bodily needs.  As a result, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and even water won’t be usable.  Therefore, in my list, it ranks #1 as the most needed supplement(s).

An extreme pH imbalance will cause even needed macro & trace minerals to become waste that burdens our bodies further.  In other words, just more waste it has to eliminate or store in the fat tissues.  Sometimes there aren’t enough fat tissues to store this excess waste.  Therefore, it will make more.  Sometimes the acid will quite literally, eat away the muscle tissues & cause a wasting-away appearance.  Many times there will be both an accumulation of fluid & fat in places.  Conversely, some areas will be skin -n- bones!

An imbalanced pH will lead to Joint & Muscle issues, Circulatory Problems, Parasitic Overgrowths, Cancer, Autointoxication & even yes… Death.  For instance, have you ever heard a healthy kid dropping dead while playing sports?  Usually, they rule it dehydration or heat exhaustion, guaranteed… it is acidity.  Perhaps they had a pop-tart for breakfast, washed it down with a soda or worse a diet soda.  Then they participate in sports.  As a result, it releases tremendous amounts of lactic acid.  In short, it creates a recipe for disaster.  Therefore, buffering agents are necessary.  Unless you know how to balance the pH properly which almost 99% of the “Alkalize or Die” community gets WRONG!  I would go with Calcium Gluconate along with an excellent #2 Below.  Soon I will be teaching a course on how to balance the pH properly.

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Most Needed Supplement… #2 Digestive Enzymes

Our bodies make some of the necessary digestive enzymes necessary for complete digestion.  However, it isn’t enough to digest all we eat.  For example, our bodies only make enough to cover 1/2 – 2/3 of healthy, wholesome meals from adolescence through middle age.  Then starting in our 40’s, the rate our body makes enzymes begins to decline significantly!  However, people who consume highly-processed foods will run through them quicker than that.

Furthermore, cooking, processing or irradiation destroys any enzymes that were present.  To clarify, irradiation is a process that even organic foods are subjected to that purposely kills naturally occurring enzymes.  Above all, they do this to preserve the shelf-life of food.  Therefore, we are all lacking the enzymes to properly digest our food.  Plus, enzymes are required for every chemical reaction in the body not just for the sake of digestion!

Signs of Digestive Enzyme Deficiency

Here are some tell-tale signs you are enzyme deficient…  Firstly, do you have a double chin & or where it is swollen under your chin?  Certainly, your saliva glands are swollen then.  This is usually due to high sugar and or carb consumption.  Therefore, the way it adapts is to make more saliva for all the extra amylase to better digest your carbohydrates.

When you don’t digest & assimilate (use it fully) your foods (or macronutrients) will end up as excess in your blood & lymphatic system.  To me, this is just a matter of common sense.  For example, when your body doesn’t digest & assimilate sugars, you’ll end up with high blood sugar.  Likewise, if you have high cholesterol levels it could be another sign.  Maybe you don’t have enough enzymes and or bile to fully breakdown & emulsify your fat.  When all this excess stays in the blood & lymph it causes all kinds of issues that will lead to disease.

Secondly, another symptom of enzyme deficiency is if you spittal when you talk or sing. (That’s when you spit a’lil y’all…!)  Thirdly, there is if your jaw feels week or is sore in the muscle where your upper & lower jaw come together when rubbed.  By the way, these last two are also a sign of protein (amino acid), deficiency as well.  In short, if you have these common signs you very well could be enzyme deficient.

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Need More Oxygen in Air Polluted Toxic World

Most Needed Supplements… #3 Ones that Oxygenate

Since Oxygen is our number one most critical bodily need, you may want or need to get more!  Therefore, oxygenating supplements might be the easiest way to get more oxygen.  You could also improve oxygen levels in the body with aerobic excercise.  However, many people may not be well enough to “exercise” as previously discussed due to their high acidity levels.  Plus too many clients over the years have admitted… “I hate working out!”

In case your not totally sure how important oxygen is, try holding your breath for as LONG as you can…  see I told you.  It didn’t take long before you agree with me.  By the way, how long you can actually hold your breath can be a test as to how toxic you are!

Right now you may have tell-tale signs of oxygen shortage.  As a result, you might experience one or some of these common symptoms.  For example, getting out of breath easily is common.  Secondly, is yawning or gasping for air.  So you might literally feel like a “fish out of water”…  yet another clue.  Still, another sign is getting “heavy leg-syndrome” especially when climbing stairs.  In other words, you feel like you have these strange heavy awkward Frankenstein feet.  As a result, there is usually also shortness of breath as well.  In summary, if you have any of these, it means you don’t have enough oxygen.  Here are my top favorite oxygenating supplements to address your oxygen starvation.

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Most Needed Supplements… #4 Protein (Amino Acids)

Protein & Amino AcidsSince the typical American diet consists of a lot of animal protein, most people assume they are getting plenty.  However, in my experience, many people have extreme difficulties digesting animal protein.  Children, the elderly & those with A & AB blood types can have great difficulties digesting & assimilating protein.  In fact, it can be almost impossible to get some kids to even eat heavy animal protein until they get a little older around 9-12 years old.  In short, because they don’t make all the digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid & pepsin to fully digest them.

I believe a lack of easily digestible protein may be responsible for preeclampsia in pregnancy.  As well as many health problems such as seizures, leaky gut, hormonal issues & even brain fog.  If your body has any areas of fluid & fat accumulations, it could be improved with easily digestible protein.  The body needs amino acids since they are the building blocks of the body.  Therefore they are needed to make muscles, bones, tissues, hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters and more.  Furthermore, protein is even needed to carry water throughout the body.

As already listed above some of the deficiencies signs can be a soreness & weakness in the jaw where the upper & lower jaw meet.  Also, if there is accidental spittal when you talk.  This is due to the saliva not being able to be held in solution due to a protein shortage. Furthermore, the tendons, especially in the ankles & knees, seem to be the first to go.  Additionally, there is usually thinning, weakened or hair & nail loss.

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Basic Nutrition Through Whole Food Supplements

Most Needed Supplements… #5 Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

When I say to clients, you need a good multi-vitamin & multi-mineral supplement most of them tell me they are taking one.  However, not all supplements are created equal!  Many of them are made with a petroleum base & are not even digestible.   In fact, I have even had several septic system professionals tell me tanks get filled with poor quality supplements.  Plus as a former colon hydro-therapist, I have also witnessed this myself.  For instance, I would have to fish them out manually since they wouldn’t dissolve or flush.  Furthermore, many of them are fractionated.  Therefore, they more resemble prescription drugs than naturally occurring nutrients.  In other words, they extract out certain components and call that a vitamin.  For example, ascorbic acid is labeled as “vitamin c” but it is only the outer shell of vitamin c.

Perhaps you can get away with not taking or reducing a good whole food multi if you are a raw food fanatic or a die-hard consistent juicer.  However, most people are not!  Even if they are, they tend to like eating or juicing the same foods over & over.  Therefore, they don’t get the variety they need.  Furthermore, even the ones that “eat right”, report feeling and sleeping better and a reduction in fatigue, hair, skin, bone loss, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms when taking a good concentrated whole food multi.

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Most Needed Supplements… #6 Multi-Strain Probiotic

lactobacilli probiotic beneficial bacteriaA good high-count multi-strain probiotic can be reduced if you culture your own live foods and eat them every day.  Most commercial products like yogurt, kefir & kimchi have issues with them.  Sometimes they are pasteurized (What the…?) doesn’t this defeat the purpose?!  Let’s grow them to kill them off?  …Again (What the…?)!  Almost all of them have too much sugar which feeds the unfriendly strains.  Lastly, most only have non-colonizing strains which won’t really help to establish healthy flora.  The fact is 100% of people have parasites.  This is a scientific fact!  The point isn’t to kill everything bad.  It is to have more good than bad.

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Bach's Own Words...

"They cure not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our higher nature, in the presence of which disease melts away as snow in the sunshine. There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness."

~ Dr Edward Bach ~

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