On the Juice Tap Today… Light & Refreshing (Especially After Straining)

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This particular juice recipe was one of my least favorites of all time!  Now I know you are wondering… Why then would you post it?  Or better yet, why should I read it?! However, before you think this post has NO VALUE.  Above all, I believe we can learn more from our flops & failures.  Rather than just our successes.

While this juice recipe was healthy, light & refreshing.  It didn’t give me that OMG… That is SOOO GOOD like I usually get!  But here’s what worked & what didn’t…

Juice Recipe Ingredients

1 Cucumber
3 Large Carrots
4 Small Cuties (Tangelos)
1 Small Handful of Cilantro
1 Large Golden Delicious Apples

My family loves cucumber.  That is to say, we love eating it in our salads, as a snack or in other things.  So, one tends to think, surely I would love it in fresh juices… right?!  However, I’ve tried to make REALLY tasty juices using cucumber but have yet to be successful. Therefore, WRONG just because you LOVE a fruit or vegetable RAW.  Doesn’t mean you are gonna LOVE it Juiced!  This one didn’t quite hit the mark either although the citrus in the cuties seemed to work a little better than past cucumber pairings.

Is it possible that one of my favorite veggies (cucumber…  well really fruit) I DON’T LIKE JUICED?!  Can that be – Is that possible?  Surely there is some tasty juicy nectar that can be created with the cucumber.  Therefore, this was Lesson 1 in the doesn’t work category!

I haven’t given up on it yet – Perhaps I’ll just keep it really simple next time like maybe something very neutral like squash or zucchini and lemon or lime.

Perhaps it was the combination of cilantro & cucumber blend that didn’t quite work together.  however, I am wondering if cilantro has any place in any juice other than something with a salty or savory flavor profile.  Therefore, perhaps I will cut it altogether.  In other words, save the cilantro for some tasty and healthy guacamole or salsa!  Therefore, this was Hard Lesson #2.  Certain Flavor profiles go together & others do not!

I did find this to be much more palatable after straining it.  I don’t normally strain my juices although I know many faithful juicers do.  Lesson 3

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