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If you want to learn muscle testing boy have you come to the right place.  I have so many crazy, bizarre, fascinating & unbelievable muscle testing stories that I can’t wait to share with you!

I was so excited when recently muscle testing was featured in a scene in Grey’s Anatomy.  Just so you know, that happens to be one of my favorite shows.  Therefore, when my favorite show features one of my top passions (muscle testing), I could barely contain myself!

Muscle Testing is known by a number of different names.  You might hear it called Muscle Response Testing (MRT) or Clinical or Applied Kinesiology.   But No matter what you call it… Muscle Testing is a simple, non-invasive, immediate bio-feedback test.  Simply put, it can tell you if something is good, healthy, compatible, or harmonious.  On the other hand, it can tell you that which is bad, toxic or incompatible with us.  Most Importantly, it is easy enough for a child to learn how to do it.

Learning how to muscle test and using this amazing tool to its full capacity are two totally different things.  I’ve used clinical verbal kinesiology daily for about 15 years now.  However, I’m still finding different applications for its use!  In short, I was hooked from the beginning.  I started muscle testing everything from just about day one.  I’ve developed, created, & refined so many things because of this one tool.

For me, muscle testing is so ingrained in everything I am doing.  For instance, you may see a lot of strange use of  ” ” quotes in my writing.  Many times this refers to the actual phrasing during a verbal muscle testing session.  Further, you might hear me say things like it “tests for” or “tests out”.  You may also hear me say (or read) things like “what came up for…”  Almost any time I refer to any sort of “test” you can bet this is referring to a muscle test or testing session.  The verbal muscle testing techniques I use are more advanced that I use regularly.


The Magic of Muscle Testing

I finally learned muscle testing is probably the closest thing to a crystal ball we will ever have in this life.  Therefore it is the best tool in the decision-making process.  For instance, it is especially helpful when you have many options to choose from.  So it tends to be invaluable when you are overwhelmed with choices!

There are so many things that when you learn muscle testing, it can help you uncover.  For example, it is the best thing I have found that helps find hidden sensitivities & intolerance to food.  Plus it is perfect in determining the body’s nutritional needs.  I use it to work up remedies & supplements.  I test the foods I eat & beverages I drink.  In fact, it is a personal goal to test everything I take inside or use on my body!  However, to limit muscle testing to only the realm of food & eating would stifle its vast potential!

Years ago using muscle testing, I uncovered Darren’s (the hubby) weakness to wheat.  Plus, his body kept asking that he energetically clear the “celiac pathology vial”.  Therefore, I recommended that he see a GI specialist.  To sum it up, I suspected he had a sensitivity or allergy to wheat & or gluten & told him so.  3 to 6 months later he was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

I have too many muscle testing saved the day stories to count.  In fact, over time this page is where you’ll find a collection of some of my best muscle testing tales!


My Favorite Muscle Test For Self-testing: The O-Ring Method

O-Ring Muscle Testing Image

You should start by doing a baseline test by forming a circle (an O-Ring), with the index finger & thumb of one hand.  Then using the index finger from the other hand try to pull the ring apart where the thumb and index finger meet.  This tells you the degree of strength before testing.

Now as an example say (or think) “YES” and you should not be able to break the O.  Testing “Strong” or “Locked”.  When you say (or think) “NO” you can break the O rather easily – Testing “Weak” or “Unlocked”.  Once you get the hang of basic testing, you can test whatever statement you like such as… “I want to lose weight” and try to break the O.  If the O breaks with little to no resistance you’ll know that your subconscious disagrees with the conscious thought or verbal statement.

Muscle Testing Lessons

O-Ring Muscle Test a How To Guide

O-Ring Muscle Test a How To Guide

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Muscle Testing – Can it Save Lives?

Muscle Testing – Can it Save Lives?

If muscle testing can really save lives... How come you've never heard of it?  Isn't that what you are thinking?  I know it is what I would have before seeing & experiencing it for myself.  Above all, I think it is because it looks & sounds bats in the...

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