The following BIRT healing story or testimony was from a woman in her mid 50’s with severe digestive issues, heavy & very long menstrual cycle periods.  We will refer to her as Kathy.  Look for my explanation edits [in brackets].  These are never meant to be condescending but for further teaching in case the short-hand speak loses anyone unfamiliar with these contexts or techniques.  There may include links to additional pages or information to go deeper.  Also you will see me use “quotes” often these usually denotes the “exact phrasing” used in verbal muscle testing.

In Kathy’s Own Words…

I cannot believe you were able to tell me the source of my many symptoms [using verbal muscle testing & clearing many things causing her disruptions] in such a short period of time!  I went to doctors who spent lots of money on tests.  Money I didn’t really have.  Eventually they said my symptoms were *stress related when they couldn’t find anything on the tests.  You were able to explain my symptoms to me in a way I was able to understand.  It is so nice to have someone believe these strange things are real.

After the first treatment my salty food cravings and my addiction to sunflower seeds were gone.  I was eating sunflower seeds everyday even though they were making me swell up like a balloon.  It was gross but I couldn’t seem to stop myself from eating them.

My biggest surprise was my period following my first correction.  It only lasted 4 days!  For almost 40 years now my periods lasted at least 10-14 days with super heavy bleeding.  Not to mention the pain would have me in bed for days.  I was unaware that I even started my period.  I should have had a hysterectomy 5 years ago but I couldn’t afford it since I had no insurance.  Then to have these symptoms cleared up after a simple treatment without pain, medication or surgery is enough to make me cry.

My Take on Kathy’s Case…

Kathy was super frustrated with her Doctors.  She had been to specialists out of pocket & got no answers.  At the time I was still developing BIRT so was glad to have an appreciative willing participant.

Having Doctors label everything as “Stress” is probably the most frequent issue that has clients coming to me or other Naturopaths & or those in Alternative Medicine.  Allopathic / Western Medical Doctors like to call everything they can’t diagnose or explain as “stress”. The ironic thing is they are RIGHT!  When there are energetic disruptions in the body, that enervation is the exact definition of stress.

The problem is most of them don’t really believe in the bioenergetic body or its healing instructional power.  Of course they have no problem ordering X-Rays [electromagnetic radiation], EKGs [Electro-Cardiograms to test energetic signaling in the heart (don’t ask why it is with a K & not a C!)], EEGs [Electro-encephalograms to test energetic signaling in the brain], Cat Scans [Computerized Axial Tomography – Uses Sound Waves], & MRI [Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Also Sound / Vibrational Waves].  What do all of these things have in common?  They use energetics in medicine & measure the bioenergetics of the body.  Isn’t this a bit like an Atheist who says “Oh My God” to everything?!  But I digress!

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