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Welcome to my all natural health shop.  Here you will only find the top remedies & supplements.  However, you will also find my professional services & informational products like training courses.  But, the Remedies are my specialty!  Have a look around & You’ll see!

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Energetic Remedies

Over the years, I’ve seen energetic remedies, improve attitudes, belief systems and mindsets.  Further, they can minimize personality disorders or character flaws.  However, they can also bring healing and restoration to the physical body.  Above all, remedies can lift the spirit, bringing light, healing and hope.  I’ve had great feed-back from experienced practitioners all over the world.  They tell me my multi-chord remedies are the best they have ever used.  The 16 frequencies and superb delivery system makes all the difference!  I hope you’ll try my remedies.  It’s the only way to see how they might improve your life. 


If you are confused about which supplements you need to protect your health, you are not alone!  Most people are aware they aren’t getting enough nutrients from their diets.  Not to mention how they need even more in this face-paced stress-filled world.  But most don’t even know where to start.  Here you can find my favorite supplements to help you reach any of your health & lifestyle goals.  It is much easier to maintain good health  than it is to recover it.  I once had a mentor say… “You either spend the money up front in quality wholesome foods & supplementation to keep your health OR spend it in co-payments, medications & even surgeries once you’ve lost it!”

Top Selling Remedies

Here Are Some of Our Top Selling Energetic Essences.  Have a Look Around in Our Remedies Shop.
You Will See, There Really is Something For Every… Mind, Body & Spirit!

Top Selling Supplements

Naturopathic Services

I am more than just a flower essence therapist that can help you find the right remedies for you.  Here you can find all the Naturopathic & Alternative Medicine services I offer.  Whether that is a Nutritional Consultation, RBTI (Ream’s Testing), Blood Analysis, a Muscle Testing Session, an Energetic Correction of some type, I can do that.  So, I am here for you whatever you might need.  Together, We’ve got this!

Info Products & Courses

You probably won’t explore this site for long before you realize I have a passion for teaching.  As a result, I have many training courses in the works.  Here is where you will find the courses I offer.  Sometimes I find courses that I have personally tried & can professionally recommend.  Other times, I have just found a course that a client has asked for and I am just sharing the resources .