Are You a Health Coach? (Or Want to Be) NSP Offers FREE Training!

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Health Coach Career

Have you thought about an exciting career as a health coach?   Or does it interest you to help people transform their lives?  If so, then maybe this is a great business opportunity for you!  It can be a low-cost business to get started.  Even if you have no experience or qualifications.

Perhaps you are already working with people in the natural health industry.  If so, then you probably already have valuable relationships to help you hit the ground running!  Therefore, if you want to expand your existing health business, I’d love to talk shop.  In other words, to share some strategies with you.  However, even if you know… zip, zilch, nadda, nothing about Natural Health or being a Health Coach, I’m still here to help mentor you!  Plus, Nature’s Sunshine Products has so much FREE training to members.  They are training up health coaches all over the world!

Health Coaching Is it Right For You?

I’m here to help you explore whether partnering with me & Nature’s Sunshine Products makes sense.  In other words, if it will fit into your existing practice, herb-shop or other health-related business.

Can I share a little secret with you…?  Over the last few years, every single one of my top supplement manufacturers made drastic changes to their product lines.  As a result, some of my valuable inventory became unusable and unsaleable.  I have sold some of their products for almost 15 years!  Therefore, this led me to return to my most trusted & dependable whole food supplement supplier… NSP!

Share Wellness By Becoming a Health Coach!

My Top Reasons for Being an NSP Coach & Mentor 

Solid Reliable Publicly Held Company

Nature’s Sunshine Products has been in business since 1972.  I LOVE that they were born the same year I was –  Therefore, for me it is Kismet!

Unbeatable Quality Standards

They source the highest quality whole foods & herbs in the world!  They do not compromise standards for cheaper inferior sources.  One thing I learned from Real Estate, is that people will pay a premium for quality.

Thoughtful Product Formulation

NSP puts together formulas & protocols similar to what I would as a Naturopathic Doctor.  Therefore, they are carefully crafted to be synergistic & impactful.  All the ND’s, Health & Life Coaches say YAY…!!

Super Smart Wholesale Discount Model

I love how NSP did this!  Anyone who spends over $40 in products can get a “Membership”.  Plus, they can even start an NSP business!  I think it makes joining… Irresistible!  Ultimately, everyone loves saving money, especially for quality!  Plus, unlike other businesses you don’t “have to buy” things you’ll never use or want…  Therefore, I think this is brilliant!  I’ve run & sold many companies over my 30-year career.  In short, I’ve never known a lower-cost startup!

No Overseas Shipping Hassles 

I sincerely hope you never have to know the pain of shipping worldwide!  For instance, why a package of brown rice protein powder gets rejected by customs in Norway!  Meanwhile, half case of cellfood just gets stolen right out of the package in Taiwan.  After that, a package to Kasikstan gets lost in Jamaica, never to be seen again.  It is so nice to have the option to sell worldwide.  However, leave the headaches & hassle to someone else!

Low Overhead

This is one of the best things about the NSP business opportunity.  You Won’t Even Have to Stock Products if You Don’t Want!  You can run your NSP business completely as an affiliate business.  If you have a blog you can embed your referral / sponsor number in your links.  If you are a social media ninja you can embed your links.  In other words, If anyone buys from your embedded link you will get credit.  This is excellent!  Now if you are unfamiliar with online affiliate marketing, this is how Amazon became the largest retailer in the WORLD!

Vast Product Selection

There are over 500 Nature’s Sunshine Products you can sell & promote!  If I didn’t have a following for other supplements I have been selling for years, I would probably end them all except cellfood.  Since all my remedies have cellfood and NSP doesn’t have an oxygen supplement, it isn’t going anywhere!

Effective & Trusted Protocols

Don’t you just love things that work?!  I know I do!  Anyone who knows me knows how results-oriented I am.  Not only do their formulas just work, as I have already discussed.  Above all, I love how NSP packages many of their protocols in cellophane packs ready to go.  This is such a time saver!  However, they also let you know what products are packaged together.  Don’t you love this kind of transparency?!  This can help save you money or make changes to your protocols.  However, it also educates anyone who wants to be a health coach!

Professionally Produced Marketing & Business Development Tools

There are so many professional marketing materials that are available to help you get your health coaching business off the ground!  I’m still finding cool features like product API’s, professionally produced videos & product brochures.  Above all, I love the NSP’s A to Z catalog!  I think it would be an excellent addition to anyone with a “waiting room”!  It is packed full of information on ingredients, benefits & usage.  Furthermore, it is great for anyone who wants to get an NSP education!

Scientifically Proven Results

Don’t you just love things that work?!  As I’ve mentioned previously…  I am all about RESULTS!  While others may say they have solutions for your health needs, Nature’s Sunshine has put it to the test.  They contracted the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation to independently review & perform scientific clinical studies.

Incentivizes Compliance

You could line up a thousand health & fitness coaches, naturopaths, or nutritionists & ask them…  What is the greatest failure of any protocol?  I suspect the vast majority will tell you “compliance” or “consistency”.  In other words, that their clients “do what they know (or told) to do consistently”.   I love that NSP rewards my clients who order every month with discounts, incentives & FREE SHIPPING!  I like how I can log-in every month, make changes &  order my regular inventory.  The longer I am enrolled the more I save!  Above all, they usually throw in freebies for new or featured products as well as product info flyers & brochures!

Get Certified

As you’ve already discovered NSP can help you start a health coaching business.   They offer free weekly webinars to help educate you.  Plus, they have regional meetings all over the country.  Best of all, they also offer InForm Coaching Certification using their cutting-edge online training.  This program has transformed countless lives with this clinically studied & proven natural health program.

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I’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the right flower remedies for your real world situation!  These flower remedies have 16 potencies of each flower essence.  Therefore, they are very powerful multi-chord remedies.  These are my most popular products for a reason.

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