Gardenia Flower Essence: My First Love & BFE Original

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I first got involved in collecting and studying my own flower essence remedies in an unusual way.  It started in a prayer session and one of those rare moments when I just have the sense to be still, feel the Lord’s presence and LISTEN more than talk.

 The story I am about to tell you is going to sound nuts!  I mean like put me in a home CRAZY!  Especially to those who don’t have a strong personal relationship with God.  In fact, I wait for a day when the guys with butterfly nets show up to come and take me away… to the funny farm…  where life is beautiful ALL THE TIME!

Like the Lord so often does when he speaks to me he started by asking me a question…  “IN ALL MY GARDENS… WHAT FLOWER EXCITES YOU THE MOST WHEN YOU STUMBLE UPON IT?”

 So I answer…  GARDENIA – Which of course he already knew!  I love the stark velvety white against the dark hunter green with the curly petals…  But the smell is heaven scent for sure!

What he said to me next was…  “I MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE!”   Then the strangest thing happened… with almost a glow to the sight and a sound that I can only describe as a sword being unsheathed… He instructed / impressed upon me to turn around.

I knew even before I turned what he had in store for me.  I happened to be praying on our deck which had a Gardenia bush in the vicinity.  In fact I think I even muttering out loud…  “OH… NO WAY – NO WAY – It can’t be – It’s not in season yet” as I turned around. 

There he had waiting JUST FOR ME… light shinning above one lone PERFECT GARDENIA BLOOM.  This was early spring when our gardenia doesn’t bloom until very late spring if not early summer! 

I knew immediately what purpose he was calling me to it.  Using the standard sun method perfected by Dr. Edward Bach, I took that one lone perfect gardenia bloom and made a floral essence with it.  Then of course, I potentized it using my standard 16 multi-chord (hopefully soon patent pending) fashion.  It includes 8 Acute Frequencies and 8 Chronic Frequencies.

Thus began not only a love affair with the Blessed Flower Essences Original – GARDENIA, but a renewed deeper love of the Lord.

My First Impressions of Gardenia

Like trying any new essence, I started with a single shot with about 2 oz of filter water with a couple drops of the remedy.  There was a few very small energetic shifts mainly producing some sighing.  There was a noticeable change in my vision – It seemed like my field of vision expanded somehow.  I thought it a little strange but otherwise, didn’t think much about it and went to work for the day.

It was a majorly successful morning!  I managed to get seriously focused,  prioritizing all that needed to be done.  That enabled me to get many things crossed off the to-do list in a systematic way & logical order.  I’d like to believe I work that way most days.  However, it really only happens on the days I take PROFESSIONAL.

That was UNTIL…  Somewhere like 3-4 hours later, I became absolutely frazzled!   I couldn’t concentrate, started several things & left them completely undone.  At one point I started to go into one room to start something pivoted around to go into another room then changed my mind again and spun around again. I was quite literally running in circles off on tangents!

I got so frustrated, felt so incompetent and unfocused.  I started to cry then prayed.  “Lord what is my PROBLEM?  What happened?!  Things were rocking along and I feel like I just fell off a cliff…  I’m not getting any traction here what is going on?”

I kid you not… the Lord’s immediate response was again the same glow & sound that made me turn to find the Gardenia bloom the day before – He again made me turn to find…  Hand to God…  No lie…  Like many other things with God, it was WAY TOO COOL and interesting to have made up on my own…  I find a HUMMING BIRD right outside my kitchen window looking in at me!

I have never seen a humming bird in my yard before or since.  My father-in-law even had a humming bird feeder the year before but said he never saw one.  We took it down because it only fed the ants.

While watching him I again was saying… “Oh no way… NO WAY!”   The flight of the humming bird was exactly as I felt at that moment… Busy, Buzzy, Flapping Hard But GOING NOWHERE!  The whole while hearing in my brain the music to flight of the bumble-bee.  It made me laugh out loud through my tears!

Next the Lord impressed upon me that my problem was that the remedy had worn off and I NEEDED another dose.

Immediately after taking it, I felt back to normal.  Back to things making sense, back to things seeming to progress in a natural and linear fashion, back to being productive, back to getting & staying focused.

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