Flower Essences Testimonial – Jen Goodwin

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A Flower Essence Therapy Testimonial (Jen Goodwin)


My name is Jen Goodwin, and I have a 15 yr old son with multiple disabilities and challenges – Autism, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, and lots of processing and sensory issues.

He has been thru times of suicidal depression and violent anger.  He has always felt like he was damaged and broken.  Over the course of his life, my husband and I have taken our son to over 30 doctors and specialists, over 50 different therapists, and have tried over 100 supplements, mainstream and alternative therapies, medications, diet plans, and counseling and behavioral approaches.

Our son has gone to public school, private school, virtual school, and home-school as we search for an environment that supports him and challenges him without creating overwhelming anxiety and anger.  Our goal has never been to “ cure” our son- we just want him to be healthy and happy and involved in the world in meaningful, constructive ways.

Why Flower Essence Therapy is a Favorite

I can say without hesitation that flower essences are one of the top 3 tools we have found in our search. Essences give us the ability to address both surface and deep issues, and they seem to work very quickly.  We don’t really see side effects either- either things get better or nothing happens- if nothing happens, we try a different essence or essence blend.

After years of dealing with major, often horrible, side effects from medication, I am so grateful to have a gentle way to address challenges without causing harm.

I discovered essences on my own, but I realized quickly that I could use guidance from someone more experienced.  That’s when I found Dr. Darla Nofziger.  What a gift she has been!

She is a blessing in so many ways – her knowledge of essences is deep and yet also practical, her approach is filled with kindness and common sense, and she is committed to using her gifts to help people and parents and families to find peace, joy and health.

We have been able to make amazing progress with my son. That progress would not have been possible without the wisdom, dedication and empathy of Dr Darla.

My son now goes days without a meltdown. He has not talked about harming himself in months.  He still has many hurdles in his way, but his future looks brighter than it ever has.
A huge part of that progress is due to essences and Dr Darla’s thoughts and suggestions.

We will forever be grateful to her, and I just hope that this testimonial encourages other parents to try flower essences and reach out to Dr Nofziger.

Thanks, Dr Darla!

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