Fighting Chronic Fatigue with Olive Bach Flower Essence


Are You Sick, Tired & Exhausted? If you are feeling fatigued, drained or just sapped of energy, there may be hope yet.  Let’s face it… we all experience exhaustion and fatigue at some point in our lives.

Olive is Dr. Edward Bach’s energetic, renewal & regeneration flower essence remedy.  It can quickly take someone from total & complete physical and or mental FATIGUE, exhaustion & weariness to strength, vitality, vigor, renewed interest & FEELING energized.

It is also good for burnout, feeling drained mentally or physically. It is great in times of chronic and constant worry and stress!

Why You Are SO TIRED

Some of the most likely causes of exhaustion and fatigue could be that WE

  • Get Sick, Stressed Out or Worry
  • Have Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Have Parasitic Infestations or Infections
  • Are Overly Toxic
  • Over Stimulate Ourselves
  • Over Commit Our Schedules
  • Don’t Eat Right or Have Poor Digestion
  • Have Hormonal Imbalances
  • Don’t Get Enough Rest, Relaxation or Playtime

It is nice to have a natural remedy that helps address chronic fatigue no matter the cause. One that is safe to use with children, pets, the elderly or the frail. You could even use on wilted plants that need a pick-me-up. Olive is featured in several of our Flower Essence Blends for that exact reason.

The Olive Flower Essence can be found in these popular BFE combination flower essences:

Try the Olive Bach Flower Essence individually or blended with other flower essences and see if you aren’t more energized, naturally. As another benefit you might also find yourself sleeping better! No wired but tired like you can sometimes get with chemical stimulants.

Watch this brief video on some of the healing potential for the Olive Flower Essence.

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