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ZNC Liquid Zinc Chelate


This liquid chelated zinc sulfate supplement has been my preferred immune boosting aid for about 15 years.  I personally think it worth a try for anyone who are picky eaters, show signs of zinc deficiency, are immune compromised, or have reproductive health issues.

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This formula is a valuable, natural source of liquid zinc sulfate which makes it easy to assimilate by the body.   Zinc is plays a key role in supporting healthy digestive and immune functions.  It also is critical in enzyme & hormone production.  Additionally, it plays a big part in reproductive organ development and health.  Clinical Studies have shown zinc to be very beneficial in reproductive health & infertility.  Organic naturally occurring sulfur is a powerful disinfectant.  It also plays a critical role in skin, hair and mucosa or mucous membrane health.  Therefore, I really like this anytime one suspects dysbiosis or microbial overgrowth in the gut.

Zinc is a trace mineral involved with the cells throughout the body.  It plays an important role in supporting cell division, cell growth, and wound healing.  It is needed for a healthy immune system.  Zinc is needed by the T-Cells that fight infections.

Zinc is crucial to our digestive system for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it is needed for proper function of over 300 enzyme systems.  Secondly, it is necessary for intracellular protein synthesis.  Thirdly, it is necessary to manufacture insulin.  Therefore, it is needed for proper carbohydrate metabolism.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it plays a big part in our sense of taste and smell.  This makes it a top recommendation of mine for the finicky eaters that is so commonly seen in those with Autism.  Their inability to taste & smell adds to their limiting foods.  Many times foods become strictly about the mouth-feel or texture since they can't taste or smell properly. Plus when zinc deficient, sometimes it can distort the taste & smell making them extremely unpleasant.

Zinc Deficiency Signs Seen in the Nails

Signs of Zinc Deficiency Seen in the Nails

Physical deficiency signs for zinc can be seen in the nails.  If there are white speckled spots it is a sign of hormonal issues from a zinc deficiency.  Clinically, this Liquid zinc sulfate can be used to test if there is adequate levels of zinc.  If you can taste it immediately it reveals there is an adequate amount of zinc.   There should be a slightly metallic, funky, bitter or fuzzy taste right away.  If the taste (& / or) mouth feel sensation is delayed (usually 20 or more seconds), or if it is completely tasteless like water, then it suggests a zinc shortage.  The longer the delay or more like water it tastes the greater the zinc deficiency.

Ingredients:  Zinc sulfate heptahydrate



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