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ZGlutn Gluten & Casein Control


This supplement is a natural combination of concentrated enzymes and herbs designed to support the complete digestion of gluten and casein.  Proper digestion of grain & dairy proteins means breaking down the protein bonds into hypoallergenic forms.   Therefore, those with gluten & dairy sensitivity will generally be less reactive.

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Many of you know, my husband suffers from Celiac disease.  This is an autoimmune disease that is triggered by gluten to attack his small intestine.  For him there is no "safe" amount of gluten.  In my kitchen, I can prep food we know 100% is gluten-free.  However, when we eat out there are hidden sources everywhere & concerns with cross contamination.  Therefore, when we dine in any restaurants, we need the best of the best in digestive enzymes.  This gives Darren, (my most awesome hubby), the best chance against possible exposure.  ZGlutn digestive enzyme formula is one I trust the most.

The ZGlutn formula provides key enzymes to support the body’s natural digestive processes to properly & completely break down complex proteins.  To clarify, mainly the protein gluten found in glutenous grains like wheat, barley, & rye being the most common.  But also the complex protein structures found in dairy products called casein.  This supplement contains a wide array of synergistic enzymes that split the gluten & casein peptide bonds.  It also includes digestion-supportive herbs.  It also includes a bacillus probiotic to support overall healthy gastrointestinal processes.

Why Are So Many People Are Sensitive to Glutenous Grains

Water-soluble proteins found in many grains are collectively called, “Gluten”. Gluten comes from the Latin word that translates as “glue.” Modern wheat has been genetically modified to increase its gluten content. This was to make baked goods more elastic & chewy, giving it a better mouth feel. It’s also been cross bread to make it taller for thrashing machines. Neither genetic modification or alteration supports human digestive health.

The primary glutens are glutenin and gliadin. But non-glutenenous grains (corn, rice) can have similar proteins often called “wheat-like agglutinin factors”. These are suspected
of “cross reactivity” in gluten sensitive people. Historically, we deactivated the glutens in grains by soaking them or sprouting the grain before milling. Today’s wheat causes sensitivities & reactions not because of the wholesome “staff of life”. Rather, because of the enormous increase in genetically modified & hybridized glutens.

Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPP IV) Blend – Supports the body’s digestive processes of gluten/casein with specific enzymes that render long amino acid chains into shorter, high absorption peptides.  Includes: Protease, Glucoamylase, Amylase, Cellulase, BetaGlucanase, Lipase, Alpha-Galactosidase, Xylanase, Lactase, Phytase

Phytase – Myo-inositol hexakisphosphate phosphohydrolase.  A phosphatase enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of phytic acid – an indigestible form of phosphorus in grains and oil seeds – and releases a usable form of phosphorus.

Alpha-Galactosidase – A glycoside hydrolase enzyme that helps break down the carbohydrates found in beans & calciferous veggies like broccoli, cabbage & cauliflower, converting them into more digestible sugars .

Bacillus Coagulans – A very robust lactic acid producing strain that can reproduce and colonize. This strain can lie dormant especially in harsh unfavorable conditions like extreme acidic pHs. B coagulans has shown effective for a wide range of digestive complaints including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal distention, gas, bloating, & flatulence. That’s farting… ya’ll!  Other studies suggest these systemic benefits; Anti-inflammatory as seen in an Rheumatoid Arthritis study with an increase in C-reactive protein (CRP).  It has also shown to enhance immune response & boost T-cell responses to certain viral respiratory tract infections.

Rose Hips – A source of whole, complete Vitamin C complex. Contains pectin which supports normal glucose absorption. A powerhouse of nutrients that
supports the body’s everyday purification activities.

Cranberry – A powerful prebiotic and antioxidant that supports optimal intestinal terrain.

Goldenseal – Supports digestion and gastrointestinal probiotic balance.

Spearmint – Supports proper digestive processes, while helping to maintain an already balanced microbiome.

Oregano – This culinary spice has a well-established history of helping the body maintain intestinal health. Antioxidant rich. Research demonstrates powerful microbial balance factors, as well as assistance in maintaining proper immunological antioxidant processes.

Ginger – Used in ancient times as an aperitif (alcoholic appetite stimulant & digestive tonic) to help alleviate intestinal gas and bloating.  Modern nutritional scientific studies confirms ginger’s powerful, digestion supportive properties especially as a natural anti-nauseant.

Ingredients:  Alpha-Galactosidase, Amylase, Baccilus Coagulans, Beta-Glucanase, Betaine HCI, Cellulase, Cranberry (Fruit), Ginger root, Glucoamylase, Golden Seal (Root), Lactase, lipase, Oregano, Phytase, Protease I II III IV V, Rose Hips (Herb), Spearmint (Leaves), Vegan, Xylanase

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