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T4 FungDX Fungal Detox Tincture


This natural herbal supplement has been my favorite yeast & fungal cleansing & detox formula for almost 20 years.  It was formulated to help support our natural resistance to harmful strains of yeasts & fungus.  It is strong enough for adults but gentle enough & brings good compliance with children.  Great for Candida albicans infections or other yeast or fungal overgrowths.  You’ll soon understand why it is a top selling tincture.

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A powerful liquid tincture of FungDX #4.  Clinical studies evidence supports the safety & efficacy of this product.  In-vitro Studies have shown in a laboratory this product slowed fungal growth.  It does this by binding to protein channels in the mycellium.  It may be used by itself or as a systemic immune-supporting agent, .  Frequently it is used or in combination with the Bio Function formulas which offer specific organ support.  Studies on the ingredients in this formula have shown metabolites in both the lymph as well as the bloodstream.

This tincture has naturally occurring Hydroxyquinoline.  Therefore, it is what my family has been taking to protect us from Covid-19.  I had a client who wasn't able to test negative & fully recover from Covid-19 until she added this product and ZNC.  It is the naturally occurring active ingredient in Hydroxychloroquine a common medication for the treatment of Covid-19.

Ingredients:  Cassia, Clove oil, Cyani, Evening primrose, Gum arabic, Hydroxyquinoline (Grapefruit Rind Extract), L-Lysine, Leptotaenia Oil, Pau D’Arco (Bk), Sete Sangrias (Hb), Spearmint oil, Wintergreen oil





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