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SevenLac Probiotic Lemon Flavored


This is an effective high potency, great tasting, lemon flavored, kid-friendly, shelf-stable, probiotic supplement.  It muscle tests the highest (as “most effective”), most virtuous beneficial bacteria probiotic supplement I have ever found!  Considering I have specialized in gut health for the last 15 years,  I have tested & tried many products to re-balance the gut micro-flora / biome.

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SevenLac Replenishes Needed Friendly Micro-Flora

Packaged in individual, take anywhere packets, with a pleasant lemon taste, SevenLac fits seamlessly into any active lifestyle. SevenLac is a powerful, enhanced probiotic formulation of seven potent microflora in a shelf-stable lemon-powder base.

This supplement was designed to provide selected beneficial bacteria & other microflora to the intestinal tract. It is helpful for replenishing needed friendly microbial live culture strains to promote intestinal health.

New Patented Probiotic Lacto Strain

SevenLac (7Lac), contains a newly patented probiotic strain of Lactobacillus johnsonii. This strains is showing many health promoting potential. Among which are positive effects on the digestive & immune systems. Currently GHT only has this strain in its SevenLac probiotic supplement. This friendly bacterium is being studied for its potential benefits in food supplementation and health.

A Probiotic Powerhouse

Probiotics may be a valuable part of a healthy diet. They play an important role in sustaining overall intestinal health. The prevalence of intestinal imbalance makes a focus on probiotic supplementation essential. Prevention of pathogenic overgrowth before it occurs is clearly a much better alternative.

Benefits of Ideal Intestinal Micro-Flora

Friendly beneficial microbes perform a number of necessary functions in the intestinal tract. One main function is to help prevent occasional good / probiotic versus pathogenic / parasitic flora imbalance. The “good” microbe do this by crowding out the “bad” in the intestinal tract. Symbiotic live cultures found in probiotics may be a safe, cost-effective, “natural” approach to combat dysbiosis in the gut.

Probiotic microflora may help act as a barrier against microbial infection such as pathogenic bacterial, yeast & fungal overgrowths. This goes for in the entire gastrointestinal tract, as well as other tracts & canals in the body. These friendly strains of microbes are not just found in the GI Tract. They are also found in reproductive & urinary systems, the sinuses & ear canals.

Indications of Microflora Imbalance Can Include:

• Sugar, Carbohydrate & Junk Food Cravings (Can Be Intense)
• Food & Environmental Allergies & Sensitivities
• Leaky Gut / Intestinal Permeability
• Poor Protein Digestion
• Abdominal Distention
• Bloated After Eating
• Painful Gas & Flatulence
• Lactose Intolerance
• Indigestion
• Heartburn
• Acid Reflux
• High Cholesterol
• High Blood Sugar
• Insulin Resistance
• Stress Intolerance
• Severe Mood Swings
• Anxiety & Worry
• Irritability (Especially If After Eating Sugars, Carbs & in Cold Damp Conditions)
• Depression
• Melancholy
• Lethargy
• Chronic Fatigue
• Vitamin Deficiencies
• Acne
• Eczema
• Ridges in Fingernails
• Hair Loss
• White, Brown, or Grey Coated Tongue
• Odd Skin Color (Not the Persons Normal Coloring)… Usually Yellow, Green, or Greyish
• Dental Problems
• Black Circles Around Eyes (AKA: Allergic Shiners)
• Dry Flaking Skin
• Itching
• Jock itch
• Vaginitis & Other Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID) in Women
• Orchitis (Inflammation of the Testes) in Men
• Endometriosis (Leaky Uterus)
• Thrush Infections
• Athletes Foot
• Bad Breath
• Body Odor
• Excessive Discharges from Any Orifice
• Intolerance to Cold, Damp Conditions & Molds
• Pleomorphic Forms Seen in Live Blood

SevenLac Live Culture Strains

1. Lactobacillus acidophilus: Probably the most common & widely strain of probiotic. It is naturally occurring in almost every fermented food in abundance. These friendly bacteria inhabit the intestinal tract. The breakdown of nutrients by L. acidophilus produces lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and other by-products to enhance optimal intestinal flora. They also create lactase, an enzyme that converts lactose (milk sugar) into a simple sugar.

2. Lactobacillus johnsonii: Able to positively influence both the intestinal and systemic immune systems, L. johnsonii is showing many benefits, one of which may be a role in inhibiting gastrin production (gastrin is a hormone that tends to produce a highly acidic condition). Another potential plus is a powerful growth-inhibitory effect on pathogenic (harmful) bacteria. Unlike many other strains in the Lactobacillus family, it has proven to be a colonizer. As a result, it can be found in the digestive tract long after the period of ingestion. This strain is also found in the healthy vaginal microflora when there are fertility & good pregnancy outcomes. Therefore, it may play an important part in reproductive health.

3. Lactobacillus rhamnosus: Has proven useful in the prevention and treatment of various types of diarrhea, as well as acute gastroenteritis.

4. Bacillus coagulans: A very robust lactic acid producing strain that can reproduce and colonize. This strain can lie dormant especially in harsh unfavorable conditions like extreme acidic pHs. B coagulans has shown effective for a wide range of digestive complaints including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal distention, gas, bloating, & flatulence. That’s farting… ya’ll! Other studies suggest these systemic benefits; Anti-inflammatory as seen in an Rheumatoid Arthritis study with an increase in C-reactive protein (CRP). It has also shown to enhance immune response & boost T-cell responses to certain viral respiratory tract infections.

5. Bacillus subtilis: A probiotic organism that helps crowd out “bad” flora in the intestines. It has also shown to significantly reinforce intestinal barrier integrity. Therefore, these live cultures may be helpful to repair a leaky gut. B subtilis can form highly resistant dormant endospores in response to nutrient deprivation and other environmental stresses. As a result, it is another robust hard to kill strain. Further, it has proven to be robust enough to out-compete pathogens like E. coli. Also, it has shown to be effective in H. Pylori infections of the stomach. The pathological bacteria associated with causing stomach ulcers.

6. Bifidobacterium longum: B. longum may help keep the digestive system running smoothly. It has been well-established with a long history of human usage. It has shown to be a multifunctional probiotic alleviating gastrointestinal, immunological and infectious diseases.

7. Enterococcus faecalis: This particular strain has gotten a bad reputation. This is because it shown to be an extremely hearty & even opportunistic strain. Therefore, it can be either friendly and seen in a healthy microbiome or pathological. These are effective probiotic bacterium cultures made under the strictest laboratory conditions. Enterococci constitute a major genus within the lactic acid bacteria group that exists naturally in the human digestive tract.

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