The Self Esteem Flower Remedy Was Designed to Help Boost Your Self-Esteem and How We Perceive Ourselves – Self Trust, Worth, Image, Respect, Acceptance & Confidence. It Rids Pity, Loathing or Inferiority.


A lowered self-esteem used to be mainly seen in young impressionable girls & women.  However, in the last 5 to 10 years, I'm seeing it also in boys & young men.

Perhaps it is a product of what has become our "snowflake" with everyone getting a participation trophy society?  Maybe.

I believe that having a successful & productive life is very much hindered on how we feel about ourselves. How we can know ourselves, how we work to our strengths & overcome our weaknesses.  We can never achieve higher than we believe we can.

In this blend I've handpicked my favorite flower essences to build healthy self-esteem & self-worth.  It was designed to help boost your self-esteem and how you perceive yourself - Your self-trust and intuition, self-worth, it helps rebuild your self-image, it instills self-respect & self-acceptance & boosts confidence.  It helps rids self-pity, self-loathing and inferiority complexes.

Why I Chose These Flower Remedies for Self-Esteem

Beech Bach Flower EssenceBeechFagus sylvatica
Beech is the primary flower essence for all things intolerant. When out of balance this type will be hard to please, with much whining & complaining.  They can be meticulous & have aversions to things being out of place or less then perfect.  This makes it a perfect choice for handling anger and frustrations. It helps calm nerves and over reactions to anything.



Centaury Bach FlowerCentaury - Centaurium umbellatum

This Bach Flower Essence helps us establish healthy personal boundaries.  These types are generally quiet, people pleasers who are excessively accommodating to needs and desires of others at their own expense.  They find it hard to say no and difficult to put themselves first or stand up for themselves.  It helps one determine their path and stay their own course.



Cerato Bach Flower ImageCeratoCeratostigma willmottiana

This is the flower essence for when one is unsure about their own judgment or needing confirmation and validation from others.  It was chosen for its ability to help us assert ourselves especially when we are susceptible to opinions and plans of others and when feeling insecure, needing their acceptance and approval.



Crab Apple Bach FlowerCrab AppleMalus pumila

This flower essence is the remedy for self-rejection of any kind.  The out of balance Crab Apple type might find sexual or emotional intimacy difficult.  It is helpful anytime one feels unclean, dirty, impure, contaminated, repugnant, ashamed or embarrassed. It instills self-acceptance & improves self-worth & image.



Larch Bach Flower ImageLarch – Larix decidua

Dr. Bach’s Larch Flower Essence IS the top confidence building essence.  It is helpful when one feels inferior, expects failure, is unable to take risks, is timid, and or passive.  It was chosen for its ability to help us reach goals, taking initiative, building tenacity and determination.



Mimulus Bach Flower ImageMimulusMimulus guttatus
This is the Bach flower essence that gives courage, when facing problems or difficulties, trials with humor and confidence. It is helpful for bashful shyness, sensitivity to noise, jumpy, blushing, stuttering, stammering, sweaty palms, nervous, & calms the “fight or flight” response. It is good for all fears that are known & can be named.



Pine Bach Flower ImagePinePinus sylvestris

This is the flower essence needed for when you can’t live up to your own expectations. Anytime there is self-blaming, feelings of not being good enough or when there is self-rejection, perfectionism or when unable to be content with achievements or progress this Bach flower proves helpful.



Water Violet Bach Flower Water VioletHottonia palustris

This is still probably the loneliest flower essence I know of.  These types prefer solitude.  They are private loner types who are withdrawn, introverted observers.  They tend to be unapproachable, social outcasts.  They can appear distant, cold, or aloof which can come off as arrogant.  They tend to be proud & independent with an inability to ask for or seek out help.



Directions for Using Flower Remedies:

My preferred way to use our tasteless flower remedies is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Drip a drop or 2 in your regular drinking water or other beverage of any sized container
  2. Activate the essences by tapping, stirring or shaking (this is known as succussing)
  3. Drink all throughout the day

You can also take flower essences straight several times a day.  However, this is not my preferred usage.  Try adding to your favorite skin care products & using topically.


Distilled Water, 8% Alcohol (Gluten Free), CellFood, 16 Propriety Potencies of the Bach Flower Essences; Beech, Centaury, Cerato, Crab Apple, Larch, Mimulus, Pine, Water Violet


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