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R Lung Supplement


Complete Nutritional Lung support. This formula was designed to support a healthy respiratory system and maintain normal mucus levels, as well as to support the oxygen-carrying capacity of the lungs.

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The lungs serve the body in several capacities: induction of oxygen for normal cellular ATP processes, normal detoxification of gaseous waste products such as carbon dioxide, and neuro/ lymphatic communication with the brain and gut microbiome regarding molecular composition of the air quality. The lungs have a specialized immune system due to their interface with the ambient external environment.

General lung support for normal respiratory processes with a particular focus on the lung’s normal healthy relationship with its innate microbiota/microbiome, normal mucus producing processes, and overall respiratory activities.

Doc Wheelwright had a friend in Japan who developed a life[1]impairing lung condition. Doc designed this formula for him to address lung performance and integrity as well as immunological and normal microbial relations, and gave the man several exercises to perform daily. The pinnacle of the formula’s early success was the man hiking up the Pikes Peak road and shouting Doc’s praises at the top. Doc often recommended this formula as part of a “winterizing” effort along with Vitamin D3 and the Gt (Thymus) formula.

Possible Indications for R Lung Supplement

  • Nutritional Support for Lung Tissues
  • Normal Respiratory Processes
  • Normal Cough Responses
  • Antioxidant Protection for Air Quality
  • Nutrition for Post “Stop Smoking” Programs
  • Support Normal Microbial Relations

Key Components in the R Lung Formula

  • Goldenseal – The most popular herb in the American market. Was used by the Native Americans. Contains inherent berberine salts.
  • RNA / DNA Lung Factors – Specific support for the lung’s cellular identity and tissue integrity via organized amino acids, peptides, and nucleoprotein structures.
  • RNA / DNA Thymus Factors – Specific support for the thymus’ cellular identity and tissue integrity via organized amino acids, peptides, and nucleoprotein structures.
  • Pancreatin 4x – A 4x concentrate of a group of pancreatic enzymes [amylases, proteases (trypsin), lipases]. Helps the normal hydrolyzation process of nutrients for absorption.
  • Aspartic Acid – An amino acid that helps every cell perform better. Research indicates it is supportive for normal immune system performance.
  • Allantoin – One of nature’s great healing compounds. A derivative from the comfrey plant. Supports normal aging and cell repair processes.
  • Tayuya – Rainforest botanical (Brazil), general blood tonic, normal metabolic process support.
  • Aloe Vera – Often used by asthmatics because of its immune-modulating support of normal pulmonary activities.
  • Lungwort – Pulmonaria officinalis. Herbal texts cite the “Doctrine of Signatures” regarding Lungwort because its flowers resemble the inner lung tissue. Contains key molecules: Catechol tannins, Silicic Acid, Allantoin, Saponins, Flavonoids, Quercetin, Kaempferol, and Tannic Acid

Ingredients:  Allantoin, Aloe Vera 1/200 Leaves, Aspartic Acid, Gentian (Root), Golden Seal (Root), L-Lysine, Lungwort Herb, RNA / DNA Lung Tissue Factors, RNA / DNA Pancreatin Tissue Factors, RNA / DNA Thymus Tissue Factors, Tayuya (Root), Urea

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