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Permeability Factors Intestinal Complex


The integrity & permeability of the intestinal wall is critical to good digestive health. When the walls of the gut get damaged by pathogenic organisms, heavy metals, environmental chemicals or the body’s own immune responses it can lead to a host of digestive troubles. Food allergies and sensitivities are common with a leaky gut. It is also very disruptive to the body’s immune system & neurological functioning.

Permeability Factors™ is an intestinal permeability complex that supports proper gastrointestinal function and healthy gut barrier function.* Permeability Factors™ is unique combination of L-glutamine, phosphatidylcholine, and other key nutrients to support proper gastrointestinal health and normal intestinal permeability, two key components in general health.*

Benefits of Permeability Factors:

  • Formulate to Nourish & Rebuild the Integrity of the Gastrointestinal Tract
  • May Help to Reduce Symptoms Associated with a Leaky Gut Like Food Allergies & Sensitivities
  • May Increase Ability to Assimilate Nutrients From Food Eaten


Serving Size: 2 Softgels

Calories - 15
Total Fat  - 1 g  1%†
Protein - <1 g 1%†
Vitamin E  - (as d-alpha tocopheryl acetate) 7.5 mg  50%
L-Glutamine - 500 mg
NAG (N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine) - 250 mg
Sunflower Lecithin - (Proprietary Blend including Phosphatidylcholine) 170 mg
Gamma-Linolenic Acid - (from borage seed oil) 133 mg
Gamma-Oryzanol (from Rice Bran Oil) 66 mg

Other Ingredients
gelatin, safflower oil, glycerin, purified water, beeswax, caramel color, titanium dioxide color

Permeability Factors Directions and/or Dosage

Take 1 or 2 softgels three times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.


Not recommended for use if peptic ulcer, gastritis or severe chronic heartburn is present.  If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, consult your healthcare professional prior to use.

Permeability Factors Does Not Contain

  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Dairy Products

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