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P Pancreas Supplement


Supports normal pancreatic functions including production of insulin & glucagons. It performs as a pancreas builder and nutritionally supports pancreatic functions by helping providing nutrients used in healthy pancreatic cell growth.

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The pancreas is a dual function organ with separate endocrine and exocrine functions. Its endocrine hormones include insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin which control blood glucose and its induction into the cells for ATP energy. Its exocrine function is to produce digestive enzymes for proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

A unique formula comprised of a synergistic blend of European and Rain Forest herbs designed to provide nutritional support for the pancreas’ endocrine and exocrine functions; thus considered as “tissue support” for pancreatic performance integrity.

Doc Wheelwright developed elevated blood glucose after suffering pancreatic damage from the pesticide 2-4-D. On his arrival in Texas for a month-long tour, clinical nutritionist Jack Tips ran blood work and Doc’s glucose was 362 mg/dL. Doc went “herb picking” along Barton Creek in the Texas hill country, and picked a flowering, green-leafed trailing vine. He macerated it in water and drank a quart tid, and also worked with a magnetic device.

Five days later, his glucose was much improved at 100 mg/dL. The herb he picked was powerful and considered “not recognized as safe” as it could possibly damage the liver. Because of his need to rejuvenate his own beta cell functionality, he turned to the Brazilian herbs and developed the P (Pancreas) formula. Once manufactured, Doc ran a small clinical trial that demonstrated the formula’s efficacy as nutritionally supportive.

Possible Indications for P Pancreas Supplement

• Pancreatic tissue support
• Pancreatic normal endocrine function
• Pancreatic normal exocrine function
• Islets of Langerhans (beta cell) normal processes

Key Components in the P Pancreas Formula

RNA / DNA Pancreas Tissue Factors
  • Zinc – Pandemically deficient in the U.S. diet. Beyond its well-known benefits for reproductive and heart health, zinc binds to insulin so it can be stored in the pancreas. Zinc is a component of the enzymes necessary for site-binding to cell membranes.
  • Catuaba Root – Known as a libido and mood enhancer, it also addresses the normal cell-protective mechanisms for the beta cell integrity.
  • Cyani Flowers – Supports normal blood and liver purification processes. Supports normal immune activities.
  • Japecanga Leaves – Rainforest botanical. Supports normal hepatic and renal functions.
  • Pata de Vaca – A predominant rainforest herb long associated with supporting normal blood and cell glucose processes. Researched in 1929, it demonstrated support for glucose metabolism. In Brazilian herbology, it’s called “vegetable insulin” for its support of normal pancreatic endocrine processes.
  • Pedra Hume Caa – A rainforest herb with a long tradition of supporting normal blood/cell glucose processes. Along with Pata de Vaca, it’s called “vegetable insulin” as its action is to help cell membrane glucose receptors with normal sensitivity functions. In Brazilian herbology, it’s also applicable for supporting normal nerve processes.

Ingredients:  Catuaba (Root), Cyani (Flowers), Japecanga (Leaves), Pata de Vaca (Leaves), Pedra Hume Caa (Leaves), RNA / DNA Pancreas Tissue Factors, Zinc (Chelate)

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