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Mpc Male Prostate Corrector Supplement


This is an important supplement for aging males that need additional nutritional support for their prostate gland.  Like all of the Bio Function supplements from Systemic Formulas it bio-energetically attunes to the organ it supports.  The Male Prostate Corrector supplement is no different.  It was formulated to nourish & support the aging male prostate gland, male reproductive organs & sexual functions.

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prostate formula containing ingredients such as RNA/DNA Prostate Factors, Saw Palmetto and Pygeum that provide nutritional factors to support a healthy prostate gland and a feeling of well-being. Its specific nutritional focus helps the body to reduce congestion, maintain a healthy immune response and promote enhanced circulation.

Based on many years of research, Doc Wheelwright found that the prostate and male microbiome are closely related, but the immune response of the prostate is often not as strong as other organs. He often recommended probiotics for men with prostate concerns. He taught that prostate health maintenance is possible for any aging man with periodic nutritional support. In his experience, supporting normal prostate processes nutritionally, often allowed the body to maintain health in many other body systems such as sinus, respiratory, male libido and hormonal function.

Possible Indications for Mpc Male Prostate Corrector

  • To Nourish & General Prostate Health Support
  • Male Urinary Frequency
  • Low Male Libido
  • Male Urinary Dribbling
  • Prostatic Fungal Involvement (After Antibiotic Usage)
  • Prostate Infections
  • Aging Male Concerns

Key Components in Male Prostate Corrector Supplement

  • RNA / DNA Prostate Factors – Support for prostate tissue integrity and cellular identity information for more optimal function via organized amino acids, peptides, and nucleoprotein structures.
  • Saw Palmetto – A palm fruit with a well established basis for supporting healthy prostate function via its impact on the enzyme 5-alpha reductase.
  • Pau D’Arco Bark – World renowned rain forest bark cited to support healthy prostate immune communication.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – Often thought of for brain health, is also an effective male reproductive support for sexual health. Cited to maintain balance in normal testosterone to estrogen levels.
  • Goldenseal Root – The very popular herb that supports normal microbial relationships in the gut microbiome and throughout the body.
  • Echinacea purpurea – Research demonstrates that it supports the body’s healthy prostate activities.
  • Thyme – Research has found that oil of thyme supports normal cell membrane structure and function.
  • Lycopene – A cell and artery supportive carotenoid antioxidant derived from tomatoes, carrots and red fruit.
  • Pygeum – A tree bark with a long, well established history of supporting normal prostate health, particularly focused on urinary flow.
  • Pau D’Alho (Gallesia integrifolia) – A rainforest tree known as “the garlic tree” used in the Brazilian herbal tradition to support normal microbial balance in the prostate.
  • Rhodium Chelate – A rare trace element with a spot price 1.5 times that of gold.  Research suggest uses for longevity, hormonal balance, normal Human Growth Hormone production, and protection of DNA


None known. While containing a number of therapeutic botanicals, Doc Wheelwright taught that in a combined herbal formula, nutrients work synergistically, thus deriving the most benefit from small amounts of ingredients that enhance and support each other to gain beneficial impact.

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