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Lb Liver Gall Bladder Supplement


This supplement is a natural powerful liver & gall bladder tonic.  Great for proper digestion of fats, it prevents fatty liver & stones from forming.  It helps support the cleansing of both the gall bladder & the liver.  I think it is perfect to take for several weeks or month prior to doing a gall bladder flush.  This formula features beet root which is helpful for maintaining proper nitric oxide levels.  An important part of energy production & cellular functioning.  Beet root also cleanses & purifies the blood & keeps proper vascular dilation.

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For the past hundred years, the gall bladder has been considered in Western Medicine as something of little consequence - quickly and easily removable, whereas in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was and is venerated as integral to human health and body function. Today, science is reestablishing the importance of the gall bladder as a premier detoxification organ, digestive organ, and new-found endocrine function in addition to its well known exocrine function. More than just a reservoir for bile, the gall bladder supports the intestinal microbiota and balance of ch’i throughout the body.

The Lb (Liver/Gall Bladder) formula originated from Doc Wheelwright’s research on beet root as a nutritional super-food with specific focus on the liver, gall bladder, and biliary system (common bile duct, pancreas), and the portal vein. Doc taught that non-infectious biliary difficulty often originated when biliary cholesterol becomes “sludge” and can naturally become “soapstone” due to the lack of bile-salt acids. He often recommended for people to grate raw red beet onto salads to augment the use of Lb (Liver / Gall Bladder) for general liver / gall bladder support as well as to enhance the various “flushes” in vogue at that time

This formula was designed to help the body maintain proper portal duct function. It assists in purifying the blood of mucus forming matter. The primary ingredient, red beet root powder, is a time-tested food that supports both the liver and the gall bladder. It provides enzyme support to the body’s bile maintenance processes. Designed for general liver / gall bladder support and cleansing, thus it serves as an excellent liver / gall bladder drainage adjunct to any cleansing program.

Red Beet Root – Supports the normal nitric oxide processes that regulate many cellular metabolic functions including vascular dilation and relaxation. Liver and gall bladder tonic. Potent antioxidant. Betacyanin antioxidant reduces oxygenation of LDL cholesterol. Contains nascent folate and nascent iron. Nourishes the brain and blood. Supports normal blood purification and maintenance processes.

Betaine Hydrochloride – Supports normal HCl processes which the body uses to maintain proper bile viscosity.

Choline Bitartrate
– Helps with digestion of fats and cholesterol as well as carbohydrates and proteins. A nutrient essential to liver and gall bladder function. Helps maintain normal bile and transport fats. Supports normal fat metabolism. Used by the body to create the neurotransmitter acetylcholine required for liver function and cardiovascular health.

Lipase 24 – A fat-digestion enzyme that regulates the digestion of fats and supports the pancreas’, liver’s, and gall bladder’s normal lipid metabolic activities. Hepatic lipase hydrolyzes fats for uptake by the cell membranes

Ingredients:  Betaine Hydrochloride, Choline Bitartrate, Lipase 24, Red Beet (Root)



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