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L Liver Supplement


Systemic Formula’s L (Liver) nourishes & helps this most important organ & gland perform its thousands of metabolic processes.  It helps to build & maintains healthy tissues within the liver.  Drainage for the liver during cleansing & purification processes is important.  This supplement is a liver tonic that helps make & cleanse bile & aids in its purification process.

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Support for the body’s biochemical factory. This formula provides herbal and bioenergetic nutrition to support the liver’s normal tissue processes, inclusive with gall bladder support. Doc Wheelwright’s research focused on key operational liver functions-erythrocyte decomposition, free radical utilization, glycogen production, protein synthesis, microbe destruction, humanization of amino acids, and bile secretion-and the challenges of modern lifestyles. He maintained that the liver is the most important organ and its health directly impacts a persons quality of life. This is the preeminent liver reinforcement formula that provides nutrients used in building & maintenance of the liver’s cells and tissues. It assists with normal digestive/humanization activities.

Doc Wheelwright was an established master of the liver. He traveled around the globe in search of the botanicals that would hasten the body to correct liver concerns. Thus he spent much time in China, South America, and with Native Americans in his quest to master the liver. His discovery of seven botanicals [three of which are in the L (Liver) formula, with the other four being in the Ls (Liver-s) formula] lead to his famous “healing triad” concept. He designed this formula as a builder, (anabolic process supportive) based on the premise that if the liver was supported then it could automatically function better in its myriad roles of metabolic, immunological, and purification support of overall health.

Doc Wheelwright used to say, “Good morning, how is your liver?” Pablo Neruda wrote, “Ode To The Liver” heralding its crucial importance to the human life experience, “do not arrest my song,” and the ancient Chinese revered the liver as the “seat of the soul” and the “general” of the body’s organizational hierarchy. The liver is foundational to the body’s self regulatory mechanisms and liver health is directly integrated into lifespan.

Boldo –Peumus boldus. From the South American (Chilean) herbal tradition, used as a liver and gall bladder tonic. Contains potent antioxidants.

Celandine –Chelidonium majus. Supports liver’s normal bile-making faculties.

Goldenseal – Traditional liver support herb. Supports normal microbial relations, helps natural lipid management and bile processes.

Mountain Mahogany – A hepatoprotective, liver supporting botanical Native American herb. Traditional uses included the springtime cutting of the bark into strips and eating it like vermicelli. .

Ragweed (Ambrosia artimisiifolia. Whole plant, not the pollen) – Research points to ragweed supporting innate microbial and parasite relations and support for the normal blood and normal liver purification processes including radioactive elements.

Quince – Cydonia oblonga. Traditional liver tonic. Antiseptic. Purifier. Features tannins that bind andneutralize xenobiotic chemicals. Supports normal microbiome and microvirome relations and provides nascent minerals necessary for normal liver function.

RNA/DNA Liver Factors – Specific support for the liver’s cellular identity and tissue integrity. Provides organized amino acids, peptides, and nucleoprotein structures.

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