Knee Relief & Comfort Remedy


This is my absolute best remedy at supporting, repairing & restoring stiff & sore knees.  If you hear any clicking or knocking in your knees, If they are painful, strained or injured or just feel weak, I made this remedy with all that in mind!


New online, this special blend of essences has been personally helping my stiff sore knees for a number of years now!  This multi-essence remedy contains 23 energetic profiles as described below all in a synergistic blend.

8 Flower Essences

Centaury (Bach’s) – Maps to Left Knee (outside)
Dandelion (BFE Original)  – hardened tissues like scars, adhesions, irritants & protective strength
Gentian (Bach’s) – Maps to Left Knee (inside)
Meyer Lemon (BFE Original)  – Inflammation, Stiffness, Soreness & Pain Relief
Rock Water (Bach’s) – Rigidity, Stiffness, Maps to Right Knee
Star of Bethlehem (Bach’s) – Pain, Shock & Trauma in General
Walnut (Bach’s) – Instability, Turmoil & Maps to Left Knee
Willow (Bach’s) – Maps to Left Knee (Back)

4 Gem Essences

Amethyst – Arthritis, Swelling, Pain & Injury
Fluorite – Bone, Joints, Flu, Cells, DNA, Cleansing, Purity, Infections, Dexterity, Coordination & Balance
Jade –Purity, Protection, Kidneys, Adrenals, Detox, Spleen, & Balances Fluids & pH
Malachite – Protection, Healing, Acidity, Toxicity, & Cramps

3 Cell Salt Essences

Calcium Fluoride – Purpose: Elasticity & Strength, Found In:  Bones, Veins, Arteries, Teeth, Joints & Elastic Tissues, Treats:  Aging, Loose Teeth, Weakness in Bones, Muscles or Circulation, Look For:  Cracks in Skin, Backache, Lack of Flexibility

Calcium Phosphate – Purpose:  Repair, Growth, Healing, & Digestion, Found In:  Bones, Teeth, Muscles, Nerves, Brain, Connective Tissues Treats:  Growing Pains, Weak or Painful Bones, Joints, Ligaments, Tendons, Anemia, Injuries & Cough, Look For:  Impaired Growth or Healing, Convalescence, Weakness & Any Ailment Relating To Skeletal, Cellular or Structural Issues

Silicon Dioxide – Purpose:  Cleansing, Healing, Strength, Found In:  Skin, Connective Tissue, Nerves, Treats:  Abscesses, Boils, Corns, Sinus & Ear Congestion & Swollen Glands, Insomnia, Headache, Look For:  Brittle Hair & Nails, Body Odor

8 Aura Essences

HGH4 – Anti-inflammatory, Acid Alkaline Balance & General Healing
Joint Comfort – For Arthritis, soreness & stiffness
Comfort Pains TENS – For Pain, Soreness, Tendonitis & Muscular
Recovery – Energetic Stem Cell Activator, Cuts Recovery Time, General Healing

Plus 4 Pathogen Profiles… Candida; Bacteria; Flu & Viruses: Parasites

What Are Energetic Remedies?

Our remedies are natural energetic vibrational imprints that transmit their healing power through regular drinking water.  They can interact with the subtle energetic body and evoke specific meta-physical healing qualities that affect our mind, body, and spirit.  Like all virtuous essences & remedies, they help raise our body’s vibrational patterns, restoring health & well-being.

Directions for Using Our Remedies:

My preferred way to use our tasteless Remedy is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Lightly Shake Remedy & Drip a drop or 2 in your regular drinking water or other beverage of any sized container
  2. Activate the essences by tapping, stirring or shaking (this is known as succussing)
  3. Drink all throughout the day

Try adding to your favorite skin care products & using topically for healing, detoxifying & pain relief.  It is best if you store your essences away from electronics & out of extreme temperatures.

For more information about taking Essences visit our Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ’s page


Distilled Water, 8% Alcohol (Gluten Free), CellFood, 16 Propriety Potencies of the 23 Essences contained in this remedy; Flower Essences; Centaury, Dandelion, Gentian, Meyer Lemon, Rock Water, Star of Bethlehem, Walnut, Willow, Gem Essences; Amethyst, Fluorite, Jade, Malachite, Cell Salts; Calcium Fluoride, Calcium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Aura Essences; HGH4, Joint Comfort, Comfort Pains TENS, Recovery, Candida, Bacteria, Flu & Viruses, Parasites

Additional information


Bed Time (Night Time Only), Brain-Liver, Candida, Circulation, Colds-Bacteria, TENS Comfort / Pain, Digestive Comfort, Energy & Stamina, Enzymes DB, Olive Leaf Extract, Eyes, Female Hormone, Flu-Virus, Hep-DL 10X, H-GH4, Ideal Beauty, Joint Comfort, Longevity, Male Hormone, Memory, Organ Cleanse, Parasites, R1H2 Therapy, Scar Tissue, Seasonal Best, Stress Less, Weight Management, Hair Restoration, Master Immune Stimulator, Kidney Adrenal Thyroid, Recovery, Mental Focus


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