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KidsLac Probiotics Sour Apple Flavored


A high potency, great tasting, Sour Apple flavored, shelf-stable, probiotic supplement designed specifically for children.  This probiotic supplement has 5 live culture strains chosen specifically for kids in mind.  It muscle tests excellent for most kids except those sensitive to rice.  I have tested & tried many products to re-balance the gut micro-flora / biome.  I find children to be extremely sensitive to imbalances in their microbiome.

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The KidsLac’s probiotic dietary supplement is formulated specifically for your little one’s tummy. It helps boost their entire digestive system & increases their immunity. It does this by bringing in the helpful bacteria. As a result it combats imbalances between the bad bacteria which leads to illnesses and the good beneficial strains. Plus, kids a big thumbs up to the sour apple flavor.

KidsLac will protect & support your child’s natural defense systems. It can reduce occasional digestive upset. Many times children have digestive issues caused by an imbalance to their microflora in their digestive tract. This is where a large percentage of their immunity is found. Therefore, probiotics may be their best defense from foreign invaders that kids naturally are exposed to.

1 month supply – 30 packets per container | 100% vegan

Product Highlights

• Populates gut & body with friendly bacteria
• Protects & improves immune system
• Maintains a healthy digestive tract
• Helps prevent food sensitivities
• Improves nutrient absorption
• Pleasant Sour Apple flavor
• Take Anywhere Packets
• Easily pours into the mouth, water or juice
• Strains chosen just for kids

Active Ingredients

1. Lactobacillus acidophilus: Probably the most common & widely strain of probiotic. It is naturally occurring in almost every fermented food in abundance. These friendly bacteria inhabit the intestinal tract. The breakdown of nutrients by L. acidophilus produces lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and other by-products to enhance optimal intestinal flora. They also create lactase, an enzyme that converts lactose (milk sugar) into a simple sugar.
2. Bifidobacterium bifidum – This strain has proven especially helpful for the stomach. It has proven to repair stomach ulcers caused by the pathogenic strain Helicobacter pylori. It also Helps maintain intestinal flora. It has also shown to help digestion of carbohydrates.
3. Bifidobacterium lactis – A powerful probiotic strain that provides digestive support and many benefits for the intestinal walls by controlling unwanted species. It also assists in the digestion of dairy products.
4. Bifidobacterium infantis – The main bacteria found in breastfed infants. It helps establish a healthy digestive tract flora that lasts.
5. Bifidobacterium longum – Helps metabolize a wider range of carbohydrates. It assists in defending against unwanted pathogenic species.

Indications of Microflora Imbalance Can Include:

• Sugar, Carbohydrate & Junk Food Cravings (Can Be Intense)
• Food & Environmental Allergies & Sensitivities
• Leaky Gut / Intestinal Permeability
• Poor Protein Digestion
• Abdominal Distention
• Bloated After Eating
• Painful Gas & Flatulence
• Lactose Intolerance
• Indigestion
• Heartburn
• Acid Reflux
• High Cholesterol
• High Blood Sugar
• Insulin Resistance
• Stress Intolerance
• Severe Mood Swings
• Anxiety & Worry
• Irritability (Especially If After Eating Sugars, Carbs & in Cold Damp Conditions)
• Depression
• Melancholy
• Lethargy
• Chronic Fatigue
• Vitamin Deficiencies
• Acne
• Eczema
• Ridges in Fingernails
• Hair Loss
• White, Brown, or Grey Coated Tongue
• Odd Skin Color (Not the Persons Normal Coloring)… Usually Yellow, Green, or Greyish
• Dental Problems
• Black Circles Around Eyes (AKA: Allergic Shiners)
• Dry Flaking Skin
• Itching
• Jock itch
• Vaginitis & Other Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID) in Women
• Orchitis (Inflammation of the Testes) in Men
• Endometriosis (Leaky Uterus)
• Thrush Infections
• Athletes Foot
• Bad Breath
• Body Odor
• Excessive Discharges from Any Orifice
• Intolerance to Cold, Damp Conditions & Molds
• Pleomorphic Forms Seen in Live Blood

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