Autism Study Blend (Join Our Research)

The Autism Blend is Only Available to Those Partnering With Us in This Important Research.  It Includes 17 of the Most Common Flower Essences that Tend to Come Up Among Those With Autism.  It is Great For Those Who Are Overwhelmed By All The Choices On Our Autism Post Or Feel Like They Are ALL NEEDED!


Looking for an Autism flower remedy?  Several years ago I posted "Flower Essences to Consider in Autism" on another siteConsequently, it quickly became one of my most popular posts of all time.  As a result, there was one question everyone wanted to know.  That was...  If I made an "Autism Flower Remedy Blend" with all the flower essences I mentioned.

How Many Flower Essences Can I Give My Child to Help With Autism?

However, because of the complexities of the Autism Spectrum, it was very hard to limit them to a “more acceptable” number of flower essences.  It seemed so many parents I talked to was telling me…  “My Child Seems to Need Them ALL!”.  I believe this in my own personal experience with my own crazy Aspie or Empathic symptoms.  Especially when stressed.

Until the past few years, I believed the Bach Centre’s and other standard teachings of limiting to the top 5 to 7 flower remedies in a blend.  Or in other words, only using a person's “Best Matches.”  However, after saying for the hundredth plus time, that "there is no way to overdose!  But you can under-dose or not choose the best match".  I am no longer totally convinced of this.

The fact is, to my knowledge, no one has really studied this.  In other words, whether the body prefers to "limit the number" of flower essences to their top matches.  Or versus getting anything or everything that matches their symptoms.

Watch the Best Flower Remedies For Autism, ASD & Asperger's Video


Join This Valuable Autism Research

Here I am presenting you with the unique opportunity to partner with us in this important autism research.  I am making the Autism Spectrum Study Blend (17 Multi-Chord Flower Essences in all) available.  This Autism or ASD Study blend contains all 15 Flower Essences taught on our Autism post.  Plus Cherry Plum & Crab Apple which will soon be added.

You can purchase this specialty blend by filling out a questionnaire & affidavit.  This product will not ship without one.

Click to Download Autism / ASD Study Questionnaire & Affidavit

Why I Chose to Include these Flower Remedies for the Autism Study Blend

Bach's Water Violet Flower Water Violet Flower Remedy

Prefers Solitude, Private, Loner Type, Withdrawn, Observers, Introverted, Unapproachable, Social Outcasts, Appears Distant or Cold, Aloof, Bizarre, Atypical, Proud, Independent, Self-Reliant, Boastful (When Talkative or Social), Mental More Than Social or Emotional, Inability to Ask For or Seek Help, Rebellion

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Bach's Chestnut Bud Flower Image

Chestnut Bud Flower Remedy

Learning Disabilities, Repeats Mistakes, Unaware, Poor Observation, Distracted, Poor Concentration, Careless, Absentmindedness, Inability to make Progress, Developmentally Behind, Only Attentive to What Interests Them

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Bach's White Chestnut Flower ImageWhite Chestnut Flower Remedy

Obsessive Thoughts and Behaviors, Lack of Focus and Concentration, Overactive Minds, Things Get Stuck in Their Head, Repetitive Speech (Echolalia) and Movements (*See Also Impatiens) (Rocking, Flapping & Other Stimming), Extreme Fixations, Need for Sameness, Watching or Doing Things Over & Over, Insomnia

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Gardenia Flower ImageGardenia Flower Remedy

Lacks Order & Systems, Can’t Stay on Task, Poor Organization, Problems with Sequencing, Poor Math Skills, Slow Reaction Time, Flighty & Flakey, Confusion, Muddled Thoughts, Difficulties Pursuing Train of Thought, Poor Reasoning, Running in Circles, Half Completed Tasks & Projects, Poor Time Management

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Bach's Rock Water Flower ImageRock Water Flower Remedy

Need For Sameness, Rigid, Perfectionists, Stubborn, Unyielding, Inability to “Go With The Flow”, Overly Serious, Dogmatic Customs & Rituals, Overly Picky, Physical Stiffness, Toe Walking

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Bach's Willow Flower ImageWillow Flower Remedy

(Most Pronounced Symptoms in Non-Talkers But Also Appears in Talkers); Tantrums, Sulking, Stingy, Isolated, Destructive of Self & Things, Moody, Hostile, Angry, Self Pity, Bitterness (Most Pronounced Symptoms in Talkers); Holds Grudges, Keeps Scores, Inability to Accept Responsibility, Quick to Complain, Draws Others Into Negativity, Blames Others, Oppositional

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Bach's Walnut Flower ImageWalnut Flower Remedy

Unable to Adapt, Difficulties Transitioning, Stressed By Changes, Easily Influenced, Naïve, Gullible, Childlike, Lacking Self-Assertiveness, Sensitive to all Outside Stimulus & Influences Sound, Sights, Textures, People, Foods, Places, Invasive Organisms, Toxins, Environment etc.

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Bach's Rock Rose Flower Image

Rock Rose Flower Remedy

Inappropriate Reactions, Maniacal laughter, Hysteria, Screaming, Dramatic, Over-Reactions, Terror, Panic Attacks, Extreme Stress, Phobias, Shock, Paranoia, Any Kind of Fight or Flight Response

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Bach's Clematis Flower Image

Clematis Flower Remedy

Lives in Fantasy, Daydreamers, Withdrawn, Inattentive, Distracted, Absent-Minded, Drowsy, Accident Prone, Dwells on Future, Introverted, Eccentric, Indifferent, Fainting, Spacey, Procrastination

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Bach's Heather Flower Image

Heather Flower Remedy

(Typical Asperger’s Syndrome – However, this one comes up a lot when I blind muscle test Non-Talkers) Talkative, Interrupts, Poor Ability to Listen to Others, Dominates or Hi-Jacks Conversations, Always Brings Conversation Back to Own Interests & Obsessions, Uncomfortably Invades the Personal Space of Others, Poor Ability to Understand Social Cues & / or Listener Boredom, Self-Centered, Compares Their Worth to Others, Inferiority Complex, Unable or Fear of Being Alone (Even if Unsocial), Need for Recognition, Attention Seeking

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Bach's Beech Flower Image

Beech Flower Remedy

Intolerances of all kinds, Sensitivities, Allergies, Inability to Make Allowances, Has Many Aversions & Dislikes, Picky Eating, Complaining, Whining, Meticulous, Judgmental of Self & Others, Rebellion, Problems with Authority, Defiant

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Delosperma (Hardy Ice Plant) Flower Image

Delosperma Flower Remedy

Completely Withdrawn When Overwhelmed or Overstimulated, Lack of Speech, Insomnia, Inability to Sleep, Lack of Appetite, Limited Diet, Inability to Handle Stress, Abandonment Issues, Separation Anxiety, Inability to Be Alone, Inability to Wait, Helps to Adapt and Transition

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Bach's Impatiens Flower Image

Impatiens Flower Remedy

Inability to Wait, Restless, Irritability, Nervousness, Impulsive, Intolerance, Quick to Anger or Tantrum but Settles Quickly, Fidgety, Twitching or Ticks, Lacks Concentration, Likes Speed, Hyperactive, Always on the Go, Sleeps Little, Unable to Be Still, Like Motor Left On, Constant Stimming

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Bach's Agrimony Flower Image

Agrimony Flower Remedy

A Great Choice For Increasing Openness, Honesty & Communication Skills, The Agrimony Type Never Wants to Be a Burden to Others, Flight From Reality, They Are Under Constant Mental Torment, But There Will Be a Denial of Problems, They Have to Avoid Conflict & Pain at All Cost, Will Retreat By Withdrawing Especially When Things Aren't Going Right (Which They Will Deny), They Will Stuff Down Feelings & Circumstances & Hide That They Are Suffering.  Often Turn to Unhealthy to Numb Their Pain.

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Bach's Scleranthus Flower Image

Scleranthus Flower Remedy

Hesitancy, Indecisiveness, Back & Forth Arguing or Mental Deliberations, Mood Swings, Erratic, Unstable, Distracted, Bouncing From One Thing to Another in Speech or Action, You Might See Them Spend Hours Opening & Closing a Drawer or Moving a Toy Car Back & Forth over and over again all the while studying it intently, Vertigo, Motion Sickness, Imbalances and Ups & Downs of All Types (Bi-Polar, Blood Sugar, Thyroid, Energy Levels, Left vs Right Brain Difficulties, Body Temperature etc.)

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Flower Essence Blend Bouquet ImageMake a Custom Remedy

If you find many of these resonate with your child, you can always make them their own powerful remedy.  I recommend as you go through the list rate them 0 - 10.  With a 0 meaning they don't display the symptoms or if they do they're not as bothersome or impactful.  Conversely, those that are the biggest problems being a 10.  Then based on the highest numbers you add those to their custom remedy.

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Directions for Using Flower Remedies:

My preferred way to use our tasteless flower remedies is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Drip a drop or 2 in your regular drinking water or other beverage of any sized container
  2. Activate the essences by tapping, stirring or shaking (this is known as succussing)
  3. Drink all throughout the day

You can also take flower essences straight several times a day.  However, this is not my preferred usage.  Try adding to your favorite skincare products & using topically.


Distilled Water, 8% Alcohol (Gluten-Free), CellFood, 16 Propriety Potencies of the Flower Remedies Mentioned Above Plus plus Cherry Plum & Crab Apple.


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