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Hands-Down, IntraMAX All-in-One is My Favorite Liquid Multi-Vitamin & Has Been For About 15 Years!  It is an Absolute Powerhouse for Foundational Nutrition.  It Contains 415 Organically-Bound Essential Nutrients.  There is Nothing Fake Phoney or Chemical in this Supplement.  Just 100% Organic Carbon-Bonded Whole Food Nutrition.  This Means it is Compatible, Absorbable & Able to Be Assimilated By Your Whole Body!  I Think You’re Going to Love it!  Still Unsure?  Consider Trying a Sample…  SAMPLE SIZE

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There is a reason IntraMAX is called all-in-one complete liquid nutrition. That’s because it has it all! In this one 100% carbon-bonded & micro-complexed nutritional supplement there are 415 of the finest essential ingredients! It is naturally loaded in vital oxygen, carbon & fulvic acid.

IntraMax's innovative & proprietary manufacturing process organically-binds their 415+ nutrients to ensure a high absorption rate. Also, this helps bring the nutrients into the cells for better utilization & increases its assimilation. Further, it increases the support of cellular nourishment & cleansing both inside & outside the cell. Perhaps most important, it is enriched organically with naturally sourced fulvic acid.

Unlike many liquid supplements, it has a pleasant fruity taste. This makes it easier for you to want to take it! IntraMax All-in-One is also well-tolerated by those who are chemically sensitive. It is hypo-allergenic, non-GMO & vegetarian.

One-ounce daily servings, of intraMAX 2.0 provides a wide variety of vital nutrients. It helps you fill in those nutritional gaps that are so common in modern diets.

What Exactly is in IntraMAX... This All-In-One Complete Liquid Supplement?

IntraMax 2.0 brings on the whole food nutrition with:

• Amino Acids (Building Blocks of the Body)
• Full Spectrum Organic Carbon-bonded Minerals (both Macro & Trace)
• Vitamins (Including Methylated B-vitamins)
• Essential Fatty Acids
• Fibers & Prebiotic (to Feed Micro-Flora / Microbiome)
• Powerful Antioxidants
• Digestive Enzymes
• Electrolytes
• Herbs
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Sprouts
• Bioflavonoids & Other Phytonutrients
• Factors & Cofactors
• And So Much More!

The unique ingredients blended in intraMAX 2.0 helps your body’s ability to rid harmful toxic inorganic substances. It was formulated specifically to provide support for a wide range of body systems & functions. Including needed nourishment for:

• Improving Cognitive Brain Function & Development & Neurological Firing
• Cleansing & Detoxifying Inside & Outside Cells & the Blood
• Strengthening the Immune System's Response
• Endocrine System Support & Hormonal Balance
• Nourishing Skin, Muscular, Skeletal, Joint & Connective Systems
• Improving & Increasing Circulation
• Calming Effect & Stress Management
• Increased Energy, Strength, & Stamina

Dosage & Usage

I recommend my clients split the 1 oz / 2 Tbls serving to 2 or even 3 times per day. This keeps your body flooded with oxygen & B-vitamins. This is especially important starting out. Let your body adjust if you aren’t used to getting concentrated nutrition. Also, it is best on an empty stomach. But follow it with plenty of filtered water. Also, it is best taken apart from medications. So, to prevent from excess absorption of the meds.

Free Of

Wheat, Gluten, Yeast, Dairy, Soy, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, Antibiotics (drugs), Artificial Colors, Caffeine, Cholesterol, Coatings, Eggs, Fat, Fillers, Fish, Fish Oil, Chemicals, Herbicides, Milk, Peanuts, Pesticides, Salicylates, Soybeans

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