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I Eyes Supplement


Today, more than ever, the human eye and visual processes are working hard with extended hours of computer and TV viewing. Tired eyes and weak eyesight numbers are escalating. The need to support normal eyesight nutritional requirements has never been greater. Such support requires core nutrients, not just the popularized antioxidants; so a comprehensive nutritional focus is important for effective care for our eyesight.

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Supports the brain’s optic center (back lobes); supplies nutrients necessary for clear vision. It is designed for students, the elderly (to aid in maintaining eye health during the natural aging process), those who do “close” work (computers), and for those seeking nutrition to maintain an already healthy vision. Formula I (Eyes) ensures the availability of necessary natural vitamin A as well as additional sight factors needed for good vision systems.

A favorite of Doc Wheelwright’s because it employed Scottish Rue herb. Doc taught that, “Eyebright was great, but Rue wins the day.” Here, he blended key vitamins, amino acids, with rain forest botanicals and tissue integrity factors to support the eye muscles, the eye tissue, the vitreous humor, optic nerve, and most importantly the brain’s visual cortex. Clinical use soon established this formula as a primary “brain support” formula in addition to supporting vision in the newly developing computer / television age. It is Bioenergetically attuned to the optic nerve.

Rue – Ruta graveolens. One of the greatest herbs for normal vision support. Well established history of nutritional support for normal healthy eyesight.

Eyebright – Like its name suggests, a premier botanical for eye support. Traditional uses include both topical and internal applications for a wide variety of eye and visual system support.

L-Proline – An amino acid that supports tissue structure. The structure (shape) of the eyes accommodates proper vision. A starter molecule for key antioxidants that protect the eyes such as glutathione, alpha ketoglutarate (helps protect from lipid peroxidation).

Carrot Root
–A rich source of beta carotene, supports normal macular and vitreous humor nourishment.

Vitamin A – Long known to support the eyes, the vitreous humor and light-adaptive responses require huge amounts of Vitamin A, particularly if looking at computer screens or outdoors in glare (snow).

RNA/DNA Eye Tissue Factors
– Supports the eyes and visual cortex integrity and cellular identity via organized amino acids, peptides, and nucleoprotein structures.

RNA/DNA Liver Tissue Factors – Liver support is essential, though often overlooked, for eye health and eye support. Provides organized amino acids, peptides, and nucleoprotein structures.

Chapeu De Couro
– A rain forest herb that supports normal liver processes. The liver makes enzymes for eye function.

Boldo –Peumus boldus. From the South American (Chilean) herbal tradition, used as a liver and gall bladder tonic. Contains potent antioxidants.

This Supplement Offers Needed Support to These Areas:

  • Eye nutrition for normal maintenance and repair activities
  •  Vision – diminished acuity
  •  Visual cortex of brain nutritional support
  • Optic nerve support
  • Eye support nutrition for people who are diabetic, elderly, and performing visually intensive work
  •  Night vision
  •  Dream recall
  •  Eye fatigue and strain - normal recovery nutritional support

Ingredients:  Beta Carotene, Boldo Chile Leaves, Carrot Root, Chapeu De Couro (Leaves), Cysteine (L-), Eye Bright (Whole), Niacin, Proline (L-), RNA/ DNA Liver Tissue Factors, RNA/DNA Brain Tissue Factors, RNA/DNA Eye Tissue Factors, RNA/DNA Pituitary Tissue Factors, Rue Herb (Root), Valine (L-), Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E



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