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Hydrion Urine & Saliva pH Testing Strips


These are my preferred home pH tests for getting an initial baseline reading of saliva & urine.  That is because it is a wide enough range for getting biological readings for those with significant pH imbalances.  These Hydrion pH test range from 5.0 – 9.0 in .5 intervals.

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The Hydrion short-range pH testing strips are perfect or testing saliva & urine!  These are my preferred pH tests for getting an initial baseline reading.  That is because it is a wide enough range for getting biological readings for those with significant pH imbalances.

Knowing these 2 pH numbers (saliva & urine), can give you lots of information about your health status.  They will test for pH imbalances from the extremely acidic 5.0 range into the highly alkaline 9.0 range.  When using these testing strips anything other than 6.5 will be outside of a healing range.

To clarify, 6.4 is the optimal reading for your numbers.  That is one of reasons why I use a digital pH meter.  But these wider range testing strips only test in .5 increments.  But unless you are using very short-range pH testing strips, dip-sticks, or litmus paper that measure in .2 increments 6.5 will be closest.

Made by Micro Essential Laboratories, Hydrion is the most trusted name for accurate pH testing you can do in the convenience of your own home.

This pH testing kit comes with 100 testing tear-off testing dip-sticks.  It provides excellent color separation in and around the neutral range. Further the color match chart is a lot larger than

Commonly used to test urine and saliva, it offers an easy to read, single color match at every .5 interval from pH 5.0-9.0.

The color chart has pH matches at:

(Acidic) 5.0; 5.5; 6.0; 6.5 (Optimal Saliva & Urine); 7.0 (pH Neutral); 7.5; 8.0; 8.5; 9.0 (Alkaline)


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