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Enzee Hi-Potency Metabolizing Enzyme


This high potency digestive enzyme supplement is specifically designed for hard to break down highly processed fatty carbohydrates.  This enzyme formula helps to clean up the fundamental internal terrain, and extra-cellular matrix.  These will feed unwanted microbes and suppress the immune system.  It also helps to to cleanse the fungal biofilms that will develop in these sugary-fat deposits.

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A potent herbal-based supplement formula containing highly effective enzymes that support the body’s inherent and natural enzyme processes regarding carbohydrates, fats, and some protein structures.  Enzymes are what the body uses to clean up the fundamental terrain, the extra-cellular matrix.  Enzee focuses on supporting the body’s immune relations with the fungal
kingdom and also provides liver support.

Enzymes are the great scrubbers of acquired and metabolic waste products because of their ability to split  molecules and make them ready for cellular use or for waste elimination.   The modern
dietary practices are high in “advanced glycation end-products” or AGEs from heated carbohydrates and heated carbohydrate / fat combinations that are directly associated with cellular aging and
involved in inflammatory & degenerative processes.

Doc Wheelwright taught that candida and other pathogens can inhabit the extracellular matrix when there is a carbohydrate / fat sludge that develops there.  The modern diet provides such polymeric, enzymatically-resistant molecules.  This formula is helpful for the enzymatic action regarding undesirable biofilm developed in the gastro-intestinal tract.  Also for general digestive support to properly break down food.  Lastly, to support the normal processes regarding difficult to break down & process carbohydrate / fat molecules.

Key Ingredients in Enzee

Amylase – Carbohydrate digesting enzymes. Helps break down starches.

Cellulase – Aids in the hydrolysis of cellulose into energy-sustaining blood sugar that may help maintain optimal blood sugar levels. Supports the natural immune system process regarding biofilms and their attachment to the intestinal wall.

Lysozyme – Derived from egg, this enzyme supports  the body’s natural processes to dissemble pathogenic cell membranes and biofilm via glycoside hydrolases.

Pau D’Arco – Contains beta-lapachone and lapachol  which are effective in supporting the normal immune relations with virus, fungi, and parasitic organisms.

Milk Thistle – Contains silymarin which helps liver cells to regenerate proteins via normal protein synthesis activities. Antioxidant.  A leading liver supportive herb.

Schizandra – Elevates activities of antioxidants, and supports the normal expression of natural macrophage cell activities.

Guarana – Supports the nervous system to induce lipolysis – a natural process that releases fat into the blood stream for energy during exercise.

Oregano – Rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants; supports the immune system’s natural endeavors regarding fungal forms.

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