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CXB Brain Supplement Liquid Extract Concentrate


This is the same awesome B Brain bio-function formula but in a concentrated liquid extract form.  Therefore, it makes it more kid and elderly friendly.  I think it warrants consideration for nourishing the autistic children I work with.  This all natural liquid extract supplement provides the vitamins, minerals and herbal enzymes that are essential brain nutrients.  It helps by nourishing the neuronal cellular matrix.  Further, it bio-energetically attunes to the frontal lobes of the brain.  The frontal lobe is the communication center for expressive language.  It also controls our emotions, self-control, & our personality.   Additionally, it controls our executive, cognitive, & higher level functioning.  Therefore, it helps manage things like problem solving, organizational skills, ability to plan, impulse control, good sound judgement, social & societal skills, and even sexual behavior.

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The B (Brain) concentrated extract formula provides essential and supportive nutrients to help support the brain’s normal processes of concentration, processing, clarity of thought, alertness, and general memory functions.  The brain requires vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, sugars, oxygen, enzymes, and essential brain nutrients to draw upon both the right and left hemispheres.  So all these nutrients are working together for optimal mental perception and activity.  Doc Wheelwright created formula B (Brain) to ensure a wide array of nutritional intake for normal neuron juncture processes.

This formula is attuned to the bioenergetic aspects to the brain’s frontal lobe.   In other words, it is has the frequency match to a healthy frontal lobe.  Doc believed that a well nourished brain better maintains normal activity balance (not too hypo, not too hyper), expresses its best IQ, and functions best with excellent energy.  The frontal lobe is the communication center for expressive language. It also controls our emotions, self-control & our personality. Additionally, it is controls our executive, cognitive & higher level functioning. Therefore, it helps manage things like problem solving, organizational skills, ability to plan, impulse control, good sound judgement, social & societal skills, and even sexual behavior.

Based on Doc Wheelwright’s work with Adele Davis regarding memory-nutrition, B (Brain) is a combination of nutrients, amino acids, and herbal botanicals designed to support a wide array of neurological processes.  The story goes that one of Doc’s sons was having difficulty in school -- not interested, uncooperative, and poor grades.  Because the ingredients taste bitter, Doc put them in his son’s oatmeal and didn’t tell him.  Doc didn’t use capsules back then, and usually gave the ground-up formula with a spoon.  After a couple of weeks, the son asked his dad to check his tongue for something wrong “because the oatmeal tastes bitter all the time.”  Doc explained that he’d been spiking the oatmeal, and his son replied that he felt better, was interested in school, making better grades, and that he would take the nutrients straight.  Later, the son became very successful and Doc was pleased, often crediting the formula for being a turning point in life.

Historically, the brain is recognized as “command central” serving the body’s executive regulatory functions.  However, little was done to support the brain with therapeutic nutrition - perhaps due to the blood / brain barrier and the belief that the body would innately support the brain.  As modern day research demonstrates that the neurotoxins in commercial food and the environment are activating glial cell inflammatory responses and disrupting the brain’s regulatory abilities, science is discovering the herbs and nutrients that support normal healthy function.

Possible Indications for B (Brain) Formula

  • Alertness
  • Bioenergetic circulation to brain
  • Creative endeavors
  • Driving alertness
  • Frontal lobe
  • Memory
  • Spaceyness
  • Cognition, normal
  • Daydreaming
  • Forgetfulness
  • Focus to study & take exams
  • “Senior moments”
  • Post stroke normal adjustments

Key Ingredients in the B (Brain) Supplement

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin – A nutrient for normal neurotransmitter performance.

Vitamin B3 Niacin – A B vitamin involved in circulatory processes, neurotransmitters, and energy via modulation of cholesterol as a fuel. Helps balance methylation processes via its balancing capabilities in relationship to the vitamins Hydroxycobalamin/Methylcobalamin and Folate.

Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine –  A necessary nutrient for proper brain development. Supports normal neurotransmitter processes.

RNA / DNA Brain Factors – Amino acids in specific sequence supportive of cellular tissue integrity.

Hydroxyproline – A component of the body’s normal collagen building processes.

 L-Alanine – An amino acid necessary for neuron citric acid fuel cycle.  Supportive and necessary for the energy the brain uses for optimal performance.

Tayuya – A rain forest, adaptogenic herb rich in antioxidant nutrients.

Paprika – Powerful antioxidants and vascular tissue nutrients.



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