Calcium Gluconate


I think everyone should add Calcium Gluconate to their health program.  Here is why, since it is a neutral form of calcium it helps to restore balance.  Plus, it is highly digestible and already chelated.  In the dozen or so years of using & recommending it, I have found it helps to restore pH to even the junkiest of diets!

This is my absolute favorite calcium supplement to balance the pH!  However, it can be hard to find.  Firstly, I am a fan because it can raise an acidic pH.  But it can also restore balance to an overly alkaline pH due to excessive ammonia.  In other words, It helps buffer the strong acids from our modern junk-food diet.  Thirdly, it is probably the most easily digestible and assimilated.  Therefore, it is helpful to those with severe digestive challenges

Calcium Gluconate is a neutral form of calcium.   It is a calcium salt of gluconic acid made from calcium carbonate and gluconic acid from beets.  Each capsule provides 40 mg of elemental Calcium.


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