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4 FungDx Natural Anti-fungal


My Top Natural Anti-Candida / Antifungal Supplement.  Commonly Muscle Tests Best for Candida & Fungal Overgrowths.  It’s My Favorite When There is an Active Yeast Infection.  It’s Worth Consideration Anytime There is Thrush, Vaginal Yeast, Jock Itch, Athlete’s Foot, or other Fungal Infections.

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100% of you reading this… have pathogenic (disease causing) fungal strains in your body right now.  I’m sorry if that offends you – But it is true.  So, the #4 FungDx is a formula good if your mycobiome or fungal microbiota ever becomes out of whack!

The human body depends on the presence of certain dietary, botanical, and supportive phytochemicals to help maintain beneficial or healthy ratios between microbial yeast & fungal species.  Both in our gastrointestinal tracts and systemically throughout our body.

# 4 FungDx supports & helps maintain a healthy microbiome, the balance between symbiotic bacteria, fungus, and phages.  To clarify, bacteriophages are viruses that eat, destroy or infect bacteria.  In other words, this supplement brings nutritional support aiding the immune system’s response to fungi.  It will bring systemic immune-supporting natural botanicals to help cleanse yourself from candida, yeast or fungal foreign invaders.

Whole body health & full homeostasis is possible when our microbiome is in balance!  # 4 FungDx improves the cells’ healthy response to bacterial, fungal and phage involvements in a balanced microbiome.

Possible Indications for # 4 FungDx

  • Supports Healthy Mycobiome (Fungal Flora)
  • Helps Restore & Maintain Gastrointestinal Balance & Comfort
  • Balances the Entire Microbiome; Especially Mycobiome (fungal Microbiota)
  • Boosts Natural Immune Response to Fungal Invaders

Key Components in # 4 FungDx Natural Antifungal

Clove Oil – Shown to support balance in biofilms and microbiome communities.

Cyani Flowers – Often used as a tea, have cellular nutritional traits.

Evening Primrose Oil – Provides fatty acids that support hundreds of normal cellular processes.

Grapefruit Rind Extract – The rind protects the grapefruit from parasitic insects and microbes. Rich in antioxidants.

Gum Arabic – From the acacia tree, a general purifier and prebiotic to support a healthy intestinal flora.

Leptotaenia Oil – The world-renowned life saver pioneered by Dr. Ernst Krebs in 1918.

L-Lysine – An amino acid used by the body for immune integrity.

Pau D’Arco – The famous rain forest botanical bark with beneficial action on symbiotic fungal and overall microbiome balance.

Sete Sangrias – A traditional rainforest botanical with a wide range of benefits cited in Brazilian herbal texts.

Spearmint Oil – Often employed in botanical medicine as an activator of other ingredients, soothing, cooling, calming.

Wintergreen Oil – An essential oil cited for its soothing properties.

Ingredients:  Cassia, Clove oil, Cyani, Evening primrose, Gum arabic, Hydroxyquinoline (Grapefruit Rind Extract), L-Lysine, Leptotaenia Oil, Pau D’Arco (Bk), Sete Sangrias (Hb), Spearmint oil, Wintergreen oil

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