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3 Bactrex Natural Antibacterial


My Top Natural Antibiotic Alternative!  Commonly Muscle Tests Best for Bacteria Overgrowth.  It’s My Favorite When There is an Active Bacterial Infection.  Over the Years, I’ve Seen Much Improvement in Protocols Involving Ear Infections, UTI, URI, SIBO & Dysbiosis.

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100% of you reading this… have pathogenic (disease causing) strains of bacteria in your body right now. I’m sorry if that offends you – But it is true. So, the #3 Bactrex formula is important to have on hand for when your micro-flora becomes out of whack! You never know when you are going to eat something contaminated with harmful bacteria. Or when your kids bring home strep-throat & your resistance is low.

# 3 Bactrex brings nutritional support to aid the immune system to increase production of white blood cells. It is also thought to disrupt & slow bacterial replication. It will bring systemic immune-supporting natural botanicals to help your body cleanse itself from bacterial foreign invaders.

Possible Indications for Bio Command #3 Bactrex

• Acute or Chronic Bacterial Infections & Invasion
• Seeking an Herbal & Natural Oral Antibiotic Alternative
• Reinforce Cellular Metabolic Process & Microbiome Communication with Bacterial Species
• Assisting Immune System to Reduce Pathogenic Bacteria Strains
• Direct & Magnify Antibacterial By Combining with Bio Function Formulas

Key Components in #3 Bactrex Natural Antibiotic Formula

Echinacea – A Native American herb that quickly gained credence among the 19th and 20th Century Eclectic Healers for its powerful support of normal immune relationships regarding bacterial microbiome.

Garlic – A classic, powerful botanical agent featuring the extensively researched molecule, allicin, associated with numerous health supportive, normal body functions; plus numerous sulfur compounds cited as excellent cellular nutrition.

Goldenseal – The most popular herb in the American market. Was used by the Native Americans. Contains inherent berberine salts.

Grapefruit Rind Extract – Rich in antioxidants. Research by physicist, Dr. Harich shows its cleansing and disinfectant uses for hair, skin, and home-surfaces. In nature, the rind protects the grapefruit seeds from the invasive and damaging environment.

Pau D’Arco – A rain forest botanical bark backed by hundreds of research studies that demonstrate its role regarding microbiome balance, including the mycobiome and virome.

Tayuya – A rain forest botanical root cited in the Brazilian herbal tradition as supporting blood.

Thymol Iodide – From culinary applications of the herb, thyme, a powerful disinfectant, along with much-needed iodine to improve overall nutrition.

Yerba Santa – Called the “holy herb,” has a long history of helping the body restore its normal, natural role regarding bacterial involvement specifically with respiratory function.

Ingredients: Calcium (Carbonate & Malate), Echinacea Purpurea (Root), Garlic (Root), Gentian (Root), Goldenseal (Root), Hydroxyquinoline (Grapefruit Rind Extract), L-Leucine, Leptotaenia Oil, Magnesium (Chelate), Malate, Oregon Grape Root, Pau D’Arco (Bark), Poke (Root), RNA / DNA Sterilized (nongerminating) Yeast, Tayuya (Root), Thymol Iodide, Yerba santa

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