Basic Nutrition Through Whole Food Supplements

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Basic Nutrition Whole Food SupplementsBasic nutrition if not our common sense tells us to eat real whole foods.  Therefore, we should be eating things like…  Bananas, Carrots, Broccoli, Rice, Beans, Beats… So it only stands to reason we should take whole food supplements to meet our basic nutritional requirements!

The core of any basic nutrition foundation centers around a whole food diet.  However, unfortunately, most modern diets are completely inadequate and lacking vital nutrients.  Many times organic foods are picked before they are even ripe.  In other words, even if they are natural & wholesome they aren’t necessarily nutritious!  Furthermore, they can be irradiated to kill off vital digestive enzymes.  So they do this to increase shelf-life – I get it.  But this makes it much harder to use or benefit from what nutrients might be present.

Basic Nutrition Shortfalls Might Not Be Just Your Diet’s Fault…

Because of modern commercial farming practices, there is clear evidence that our soil is lacking vital macro & trace minerals.  Plus, our fast-paced, stressed-out, “on the go” modern life presents challenges to our ability to eat right.

I mean lets’ face it… good basic nutrition is hard to reach from a drive-through window!  But why is that?!  We really need more wholesome, healthy food options in America (World?).  However, it can be hard to find real, healthy, organic, nonirradiated, raw, unadulterated, unfractionated (#GodFood / #NaturalFood / #VirtuousEating) food options.  In other words, food that manufacturers show their reverence for the FOOD.  Therefore, you make the best food decisions you can.  But high-quality whole food supplements can ensure you’re filling any of those nutritional gaps or shortfalls.

When you start with the idea that a whole food diet is optimal, it only makes sense to use whole food supplements to fill nutritional gaps.  Here are some of my favorite foundational basic nutrition whole food supplements.

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