Alkalizing Minerals – #1 Most Needed Supplement

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Bach's Rock Water Flower ImageDid you know that getting alkalizing minerals through their water source is common in the longest living peoples?  Therefore, I think taking alkalizing minerals should be your number one healthy habit.  Here’s why…  Chronic acidity is the greatest and most common enemy our body faces.  We are exposed to acids every single day from our food, medications, and emotions.  Heck, we even get them from shallow breathing.  These acids will corrode & break down every tissue in the body.

Too much acidity in our bodies will prevent it from being able to absorb and utilize our greatest bodily needs.  As a result, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and even water won’t be usable.  Therefore, in my list, it ranks #1 as the most needed supplement(s).

Importance of Balanced pH

An extreme pH imbalance will cause even needed macro & trace minerals to become waste that burdens our bodies further.  In other words, just more waste it has to eliminate or store in the fat tissues.  Sometimes there aren’t enough fat tissues to store this excess waste.  Therefore, it will make more.  Sometimes the acid will quite literally, eat away the muscle tissues & cause a wasting-away appearance.  Many times there will be both an accumulation of fluid & fat in places.  Conversely, some areas will be skin -n- bones!

An imbalanced pH will lead to Joint & Muscle issues, Circulatory Problems, Parasitic Overgrowths, Cancer, Autointoxication & even yes… Death.  For instance, have you ever heard a healthy kid dropping dead while playing sports?  Usually, they rule it dehydration or heat exhaustion, guaranteed… it is acidity.  Perhaps they had a pop-tart for breakfast, washed it down with a soda or worse a diet soda.  Then they participate in sports.  As a result, it releases tremendous amounts of lactic acid.  In short, it creates a recipe for disaster.  Therefore, buffering agents are necessary.  Unless you know how to balance the pH properly which almost 99% of the “Alkalize or Die” community gets WRONG!  I would go with Calcium Gluconate along with an excellent digestive enzyme.  That helps to restore a pH imbalance.  Soon I will be teaching a course on how to balance the pH properly.

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