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Are You Looking For a Naturopath or a Alternative Medicine Practitioner or Holistic Health “Near Me”?  Most of My Natural Health Services Can Be Done Worldwide.  I Hope You’ll Allow Me to Be Your Coach, Mentor & Cheerleader!

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies Are an Excellent Way to Raise Your Vibrations, Promote Physical Healing & Improve Mindsets. Explore My Flower Essences Line.  Or Specialty Remedies Like Crystal Elixirs, Animal Essences, Biochemic Cell Salts & More!

Flower Remedies

Picking the Right Flower Essences For a Remedy Can Be Hard For Experienced or Newbies. That is Exactly Why I Created These Flower Remedy Blends To Make it Stupid Easy for Everyone! You’ll Find One For Every Virtue & Affliction.

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In My Supplement Shop I’m Committed to Bringing You the Best Supplements on the Market! I Only Carry Supplements that Are Best – Ones I Personally Take, Recommend or Muscle Test as Best. I Recommend Starting with Multi, Digestive Enzymes & Probiotic!

Family Recipes

I Absolutely Love to Cook!  My Family Loves My Cooking But it Doesn’t Come Naturally For Them.  Over the Years Our Family Has Tried Many Different Eating Styles & Dietary Invention.  Here Are My Tried & True Family Loved Recipes.

Natural Health Articles

You Are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made!  Have You Wondered Why Your Body Does Certain Things?  I am Here to Fill You In.  Quit Trying to Suppress Symptoms.  Each Symptom is the Body Trying to Tell a Story… Let it Speak & Listen Up!

Natural Health Shop

People Are Returning to a Natural & Holistic Approach to Healthcare. Alternative Medicines & Natural Cures Can Nourish & Support Body, Soul & Spirit. I Only Carry the Top Natural Health Products. Ones Proven Effective & Test Well.

My Ministry’s Mission

I am totally dedicated & here to help you raise your personal vibrations!  That is my special gift & talent.  But also to help improve your overall health & nutrition.  It doesn’t matter how sick or healthy you find yourself currently.  So, if you’re just starting in natural health or a complete health-nut enthusiast, you can find empowering tools.  So Yes… I’ve got something to boost Body, Soul & Spirit!  I’ve spent more than 15 years developing highly effective energetic remedies & life changing healing modalities. I offer engaging, personalized, healing strategies for anyone who finds themselves, stuck, struggling, or afflicted.

My Mission Statement

To Walk as Jesus Did… Using My Resources, Gifts & Skills to Teach & Alleviate Physical, Mental & Emotional Afflictions of the World!

Our Ministry’s Message

You Can Get Over Your Afflictions!

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Discover My Favorite Tools to Quickly Raise Your Personal Vibrations With Energetic Remedies!  Many of These Remedies Are Exclusive & Can’t Be Found Anywhere Else. Try Them For Yourself & Find Out How They Are…
Changing Lives One Drop at a Time!


My Oldest, Most Popular & Trusted Line of Remedies!


Harness the Amazing Energy of Gem Crystals & Shine On!


When You Need Help Taming Instincts & the Beast Within!

Cell Salts

Helping You Assimilate All the Minerals of Human Body!


Head to Toe Targeted Healing to Specific Areas!


Helping to Cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit!

Flower Essences Videos

Here Are My Top Flower Remedy Videos.  Learn All About Flower Essences in the Shortest Time!  

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Here Are Some of Our Top Selling Energetic Essences. Have a Look Around in Our Remedies Shop. You Will See, There Really is Something For Every… Mind, Body & Spirit!

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Stock up and save on your favorite energetic remedies and all natural supplements!


Naturopathic Services

Most of My Naturopathic Consultation Services Can Be Done Remotely. In Other Words, Done Over the Phone, Skype, or Zoom. We’ll Work Together, However You Choose to “Meet-Up”. Soon I Will Be Offering Some Additional Services in & Around Metro Atlanta. These Will Be Hands-On, In-Person Services. Things Like Ream’s Testing, Dried & Live Blood Analysis & More!

Flower Essence Therapy

Feeling Lost in All Your Choices of Flower Remedies?  I’m Here to Help You Find the Perfect Flower Matches!

Custom Remedy Consultation

We Can Discuss All Your Lifestyle & Health Goals.  I’ll Help Fashion Your Perfect Custom Remedy to Address Them All!

Muscle Testing Session

Want to Work Up the Best Custom Remedy?  Or Perhaps You Want the Most Effective Supplement Regimine.  Or Maybe You Need to Find Hidden Food Sensitivities.  This One Service Can Do All That & MORE!

Naturopathic Lifestyle Consult

We Can Completely Taylor Your Session to Any Health or Lifestyle Goal.  Digestive, Nutritional, Herbal, Using Remedies, or Supplements.  Need to Get Rid of Unwanted Symptoms?  Want to Find Out How You Should Be Eating?  We Can Cover it ALL – Together We’ll Get You in Better Condition!

BIRT Correction (Remote)

Did You Know Energy Knows No Bounds?  Therefore, it Can Travel Across Any Distance.  I’ve Been Studying the Effectiveness Of Remote Distance Energetic Clearings For a Number of Years.  I’m Now Confident Enough to Add This to My Services. 

Need A Mentor, Cheerleader or Coach?

A Few Years Ago, I Concluded it is Near Impossible to Be Successful Without Accountability!  I’m Here to Get You & Keep You On Track.

Don't Just Take My Word For it...!

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Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe (Gluten Free)

This might be the most delicious cake I have ever baked. I am not even kidding! So that we’re clear, cakes are my personal all-time favorite dessert. Therefore, I make them often. So giving it the title of “most delicious” is saying a lot! Plus, you would never know it is gluten free. Or that I cut down the glycemic-index (sugar) & fat content tremendously. Words cannot describe the aroma all throughout the house while baking. This is perfect for the Easter Holiday because I am telling you… It is absolutely divine Y’all!

Delicious Oat Chocolate Chip Cookie… Guilt & Gluten Free!

This delicious chewy oat chocolate chip cookie has become the family's #AllTimeFavorite!  For example, over the last few weeks, I am baking a batch every 2 or 3 days. Sarah, my youngest twin was who I had in mind as the inspiration for this recipe.  Above all I want...

Best Gluten Free Southern Style Buttermilk Biscuits

Looking for the absolute best gluten free southern style buttermilk biscuits?  Then you'll love this recipe!  I've been perfecting it for a while now.  If there is one thing southerners know, Y'all, it's a good buttermilk biscuit!  However, baking one that is...

Gluten Free Pizza Dough (Easy Homemade Large Pizza Pie)

If you are looking for an easy homemade but great tasting gluten free pizza dough, you’re going to LOVE this recipe! This is the BEST TASTING, but super EASY homemade Gluten Free Pizza Dough our family has even had. I love that this homemade pizza dough has no yeast, requires no proofing or rising time! I’ve gotten so good at whipping one of these gluten free pizzas up, I’m not sure I could get one delivered as fast. I think it will be the BEST Gluten Free Pizza you’ve ever had!

Old Fashioned Chicken & Dumplings (Gluten Free)

This Classic Old Fashioned Chicken & Dumpling Recipe was inspired from one of my prize possessions.  It is a cookbook put together in a 3 ring binder by my mom in the early 80s.  In it is Anne Porter's recipes, my fraternal grandmother.  I have such fond memories...

Spicy Keto Sausage Balls… a Tailgating Crowd Pleaser!

The year or more, we were eating totally ketogenic, this recipe for spicy keto sausage balls was my absolute go to for anything that required   breadcrumbs.  I would make meatloaf & meatballs with it.  Also, it makes the best stuffed mushrooms!  To clarify, those...

Best Homemade Whole Cranberry Sauce Keto Friendly

Well, Thanksgiving is almost here - Chances are you're going to need a homemade keto cranberry sauce if you are eating low carb.  I don't think you can have a proper Turkey Day without a side of some kind of cranberry sauce.  I can just hear Lillian (my Grandmother on...

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Tasty Stuff Coming Out My Kitchen!

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What to Expect During Remote Rife Treatments

What to Expect During Remote Rife Treatments

The most common question about starting Rifing treatment especially Remote Rife Treatments is…  What Exactly Should I Expect During Rifing?  Just know… not everyone will “Feel” the frequency waves during their remote rife treatment sessions.  But empathic folks like...

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LIVE 2 – Starting Flower Therapy for Autism

LIVE 2 – Starting Flower Therapy for Autism

Please join me, Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 12:00PM EST for this free coaching.  In this training session, I will go over the various flower therapy options for your loved one with Autism.  So that you can get a clear path for a good starting point. Finding the right...

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Blessed By Sunshine & 2 Flower Blooms for Essences

Blessed By Sunshine & 2 Flower Blooms for Essences

We’ve had our rainy season late this year in Metro Atlanta.  The lack of sunny days had me behind in the collection and study of some new flower essences.  A couple plants are in bloom around our yard.  Because of the rain, I was beginning to think I might miss making...

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Combining Flower Essences Makes Your Choices Easy!

Combining Flower Essences Makes Your Choices Easy!

I first started my product line by combining flower essences into synergistic blends.  Since most people don't know all the choices in flower essences, I wanted to make it easy.  Therefore, I selected all the flowers I thought would be helpful in real life...

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